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How Air India wants to move out of debt?

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- December 27, 2018

The Indian Minister for Civil Aviation told local media  Air India has planned to monetize its unutilized and surplus immovable ... Read More

Ailing Polish carrier LOT may ask for another government loan

editor editor- May 9, 2013

WARSAW, Poland - Poland's ailing airline Lot may need to ask the government for another loan after its loss last ... Read More

Gulf Air’s future hangs in the balance

editor editor- May 17, 2012

(eTN) - Sources from Bahrain have confirmed that the Kingdom’s lower house of parliament has rejected a proposed bailout plan ... Read More

India considering bailout for its troubled airlines

editor editor- February 20, 2012

NEW DELHI, India - With all scheduled airlines, except low-cost carrier (LCC) IndiGo, deep in red, the government is planning ... Read More

Mallya: Sahara not pumping money into cash-strapped Kingfisher

editor editor- November 21, 2011

LUCKNOW, India - The presence of Vijay Mallya, chairman of Kingfisher Airlines, in Lucknow today triggered speculation about a possible ... Read More

Minister: Government bailout for Kingfisher “not possible”

editor editor- November 12, 2011

NEW DELHI, India - Cash-strapped Kingfisher airlines that has been in the news for numerous flight cancellations in the past ... Read More

Sarkozy: Letting Greece into Eurozone was a mistake

editor editor- October 28, 2011

NEW YORK - At long last, European leaders took a significant step forward on the long road toward resolving the ... Read More

Greece bailout hailed by UK travel industry

editor editor- July 23, 2011

The British travel industry reacted positively today to news of the bailout package agreed for debt-laden Greece. Read More

Greece has a silver lining – it is called tourism

editor editor- June 17, 2011

Greece’s ongoing multi-level clashes over its economic woes have caught the world’s attention anew. Read More

With Borja gone, who will run Mexicana?

editor editor- August 25, 2010

MEXICO CITY - Ownership changes at struggling airliner Grupo Mexicana appear to have left the company without a chief executive ... Read More

Nigerian airlines bailed out by the government

editor editor- June 1, 2010

LAGOS, Nigeria — A spokesman for Nigeria's Central Bank says the West African nation has extended a $3.3 billion bailout ... Read More

Loss of government umbrella may rehabilitate JAL

editor editor- January 18, 2010

Kiyoshi Watanabe bought Japan Airlines Corp. shares last year at about 100 yen ($1.10) and lost over 90 percent of ... Read More

JAL may need to find outside CEO to win debt-forgiveness from lenders

editor editor- October 21, 2009

Japan Airlines Corp. may need to find an outside chief executive officer to win debt-forgiveness from lenders and a fourth ... Read More

Japan Airlines asks government for bailout

editor editor- September 26, 2009

JAL president Haruka Nishimatsu made a request for a government bailout after meeting Japan's new transport minister. He also proposed ... Read More

In the airline industry, failure isn’t an option, it’s a necessity

editor editor- July 27, 2009

Somewhere in Washington, there's probably a bucket with some airlines' names on it. Read More

Will cooperation within sectors or Islamic banking save the Emirates’ and Gulf Arab markets?

editor editor- April 21, 2009

A United Arab Emirates-based real estate expert has called on industry professionals including government agencies such as RERA to help ... Read More

Travel industry says bailout rhetoric goes too far

editor editor- March 19, 2009

Hotel and tourism industy officials are warning about a damaging “AIG effect” on their local businesses. Read More

IATA: Boeing, Airbus readying airline bailout packages

editor editor- December 18, 2008

The International Air Transport Association predicts 2009 will present airlines with the worst revenue crisis since the end of the ... Read More

No bailout to any airline: Patel

editor editor- October 24, 2008

New Delhi - Under attack from MPs for offering relief to private airlines at the "cost of common man", the ... Read More

Tourism Bureau sets up bailout for travel agencies

editor editor- October 12, 2008

The Tourism Bureau announced earlier this week that it was planning to provide loans to struggling travel agencies that have ... Read More

Bitter airline rivals unite over Alitalia bailout

editor editor- June 9, 2008

Six of Europe's leading airlines have written to the European Commission's transport tsar to oppose the Italian government's recent financial ... Read More