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Thai Tourism Minister outlines measures to balance, manage and distribute visitor...

Embarking upon a quality over quantity approach to future development, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has initiated a number of measures to better...

What’s new in France for 2019?

France is always an exciting destination but the year ahead promises a buffet of intriguing events beyond the capitol. Here are the top reasons...

Travel better with children during the holidays

Millions of North Americans travel for the holidays to spend time with family and friends, many with children in tow. Of those travelers who...

Spirit CEO: Luggage not essential for travel, who needs bags?

Most people are on Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza's case for telling Congress the other day that bringing luggage is "not essential" to airline travel.

Sick of paying airline baggage fees? Just say no and ship...

Now that the airlines have raised, yet again, their fees for checked bags, it’s time to take another look at the alternative: shipping your bags, or better yet (if you’re staying in one place once

Refusal to rob passengers separates Southwest from the rest of the...

One way Southwest Airlines differentiates itself is by charging much less for handling passengers' bags. Dallas-based Southwest allows passengers to check in up to two bags for free.

Bag-fee dodgers – fighting fire with fire

Norge and Fred Brown had plenty of time before their flight to Phoenix a few weeks ago, so they made up a new game: Count the colossal carry-on bags.

Stretch your travel dollar

By gauging where the rapidly changing airline industry is headed, business travelers can map out their flight plans and find the best deals.

American waives extra-bag fee for GIs

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines announced Wednesday it would waive the fee it charges for a third bag checked by active-duty members of the military.

VFW says waive airline bag fees for troops

WASHINGTON - A U.S. veterans group called on airlines to stop charging an extra-bag fee to U.S. troops traveling to Iraq.

Who would you rather give your money to – the airline...

Facing fees of up to $50 to check in a piece of luggage when flying, some travelers have turned to shipping services to get their bags to their destination.

Airline bag fees face uncertain future

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Large airlines are reporting millions of dollars of new revenue from recently introduced bag-checking fees, but whether the practice can continue remains an open question.

Hawaiian Air joins fee craze

Hawaiian Airlines said Wednesday it will charge a $15 fee for the first checked bag on flights between Hawaii and the mainland, joining a growing number of carriers with the first-bag fee.

Delta Air doubles fee for second checked bag to $50

NEW YORK - Delta Air Lines on Tuesday doubled the fee to check a second bag for domestic flights to $50 from $25 to help offset record fuel prices.

Carry-on bags charge: Need or…greed?

MIAMI ― Savvy travelers who think they can get around an airline's new fees for checked bags by just bringing a big carry on may have to come up with a 'plan B'

Cruise line joins the airlines, implements baggage fee

Discovery Cruise Line deeply regrets the need to join with Airlines and others in the Cruise Industry, in the implementation of price increases as a measured response to the impact of extraordinary fu

Frontier latest airline to charge more for bags, minors… and antlers

The list just keeps growing - Denver-based Frontier Airlines has become the latest carrier to announce added fees and restrictions for baggage and special services as the industry faces rising fuel prices.

New airline surcharge – a bag too far?

No one has to tell the nation's beleaguered airlines that they have an image problem. So why has American Airlines decided to charge already unhappy passengers $15 each way for a single checked bag, as it announced Wednesday? "Desperate times beget desperate measures, and this is in the Hail Mary category," says Rick Seaney, CEO of consumer airline ticket research site Farecompare.com.

Missing airline baggage up 25 pct in 2007

GENEVA - Airline passengers suffered more delays than ever in retrieving their luggage last year as 42 million bags went missing, 25 per cent more than in 2006, according to a report issued on Thursday.
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