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European airlines lead 2018 a la carte revenue estimate at $22.5...

The latest airline industry report estimated airline a la carte revenue at $65 billion worldwide for 2018. Each year IdeaWorksCompany analyses the ancillary...

United launches annual subscriptions for Economy Plus and checked baggage

CHICAGO, Ill. – United Airlines has launched subscription options that offer customers access to Economy Plus seating or pre-paid checked baggage charges for a year.

Brits scream bloody murder as airline fees soar 67 percent

An annual study by TravelSupermarket, the price comparison website, revealed those carriers whose fees for “optional” services, including checked luggage and allocated seating, have risen most sha

Six clever ways to outsmart baggage fees

PENNINGTON, N.J. - According to a recent report, U.S.

Death of airline competition by thousands of fees

If one were to listen to airline executives giving speeches across the country, the only conclusion would be that the airline industry is the most perfectly transparent industry in the USA when it com

Baggage fees strand passenger at the airport for over a week

Various airline fees can be a pricey annoyance for many passengers, but one caused a whole lot of trouble in the life of a Sonoma County woman.

Spirit Airlines invents new “late” baggage fee

Last-minute planners beware: Spirit Airlines has added fees for travelers who wait to pay for carry-on or checked luggage within 24 hours of departure.

O’Leary offering rebellious students lesson on packing

Days after a dispute over an an oversize luggage fee prompted the airline to kick dozens of the students off a plane, it's offering them a lesson on packing.

Delta rakes in nearly 1 billion dollars in Q3

ATLANTA, GA - For the quarter ending September 30, 2010, Delta Air Lines reported that it brought in US$929 million, and that's not taking into account what is classified as "other" revenue, which pri

Southwest may start charging baggage fees

Could baggage fees be in the Southwest Airlines’ future? Southwest CEO Gary Kelly did not rule out fees for first and second bags during a Tuesday conference call on Southwest’s earnings.

US Airways will raise baggage fees by $5 a bag in...

Tempe, Ariz.-based US Airways will start charging in $20 in July for the first bag under 50 pounds checked in at the airport. That is up from the current $15 charge.

United, US Airways to hike baggage fees

Infrequent fliers who travel this summer may soon have to pay more to check their bags at the airport.

“The fewer bags you check, the fewer bags you lose”

Airlines lost 1.3 million fewer bags in 2008, as more passengers wheeled, dragged and toted their luggage aboard planes to avoid paying new fees to check bags, federal data show.
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