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Australian tourism worried over fall in backpacker numbers

Australia's backpacker tourism industry is facing the biggest crisis in its history, with many tour operators struggling to survive following big falls in young travelers.

Backpackers blaze a trail for mainstream tourism to Panama

The most adventurous souls are drawn to the wild and unspoiled lush wilderness of Panama's Gulf of Chiriqui, and destinations such as Coiba National Marine Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Parq

Tourist trap: Land of sun, surf and sexually transmitted infections

It seems that British backpackers could be taking home much more than sunburnt skin and a bag full of souvenirs for Mum.

Backpackers in the UK are poised to tramp around a whole...

They're re-writing their traditional itineraries, replacing them with locations more regularly associated with five- and even seven-star, sheer, unadulterated, luxury lodging.