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Avoiding unnecessary airline fees

From digital check-ins to shipping baggage, these tips will help you avoid unnecessary airline fees.Travel with an elite flier.

Hong Kong tourist traps – good, bad and other

We’ve all been there, squeezing through crowds to see something every guidebook says we're supposed to see.We arrive to find an expensive and underwhelming downer.It’s a tourist trap.

Ten ways of beating airlines at their own game

Is flying today a game? You bet and the odds are stacked against you.

Avoiding bogus travel deals this summer

This is the time of year when families and other travels begin to book spring and summer vacations, which means it’s also time to be on guard for bad or bogus travel deals.

Israeli tourists urged to avoid Jewish sites, tourist spots in India

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau is recommending that Israeli tourists refrain from congregating at Jewish sites in India because terrorists may be planning attacks similar to those carried out in Mumbai

Going on cruise? Stay away from public bathroom

Going on a cruise? To cut your risk of getting sick while sailing the high seas, avoid using the ship's public bathrooms, according to a U.S. study.

Bag-fee dodgers – fighting fire with fire

Norge and Fred Brown had plenty of time before their flight to Phoenix a few weeks ago, so they made up a new game: Count the colossal carry-on bags.

Air Canada asks the government for $200M loan to stave off...

OTTAWA - Cash-strapped Air Canada has approached the government for a loan, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said on Tuesday as the airline works against the clock to stave off possible bankruptcy.

Chinese tourists avoiding France because of Sarkozy: official

FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil - Chinese tourists are avoiding France because of President Nicolas Sarkozy and his country's attitude toward Tibet, a senior Chinese tourism official told AFP on the weekend.

Biden advises against travel in ‘confined spaces’

Vice President Joe Biden today warned against commercial air travel or using the subway as the swine flu virus continues to spread.

Tourists urged to avoid Athens

The U.S. and other governments urged visitors to exercise caution as Greek riots are giving violent demonstrations in capital Athens, Thessaloniki and in other cities and islands.

Chinese tourists may skip India during their New Year in January

BEIJING - Chinese travellers who flock tourist destinations across the world during the Chinese New Year in January are expected to skip India owing

Travel scams to avoid

How to avoid resort fees, ID theft and more

Don’t ask Olympic tourists age or wage, China warns

BEIJING - Don't ask a tourist's age or wage, steer clear of sex and avoid religion: what many Chinese consider idle chit-chat has now become the latest area of censure in Beijing as it prepares for an

Ports of call worth avoiding

For cruise critic Anne Campbell, one particular moment during a snorkeling excursion on a Mexican cruise stands out as testimony to mass cruise tourism's toll on the authentic travel experience.

Germans told how to avoid British tourists

Germany's biggest-selling newspaper has printed a guide to help readers going abroad to avoid British tourists.Bild's contribution to the annual battle of the beach loungers was sparked when a British holidaymaker, David Barnish, was awarded £750 in compensation after suing his travel company over a vacation at a resort filled with Germans.

Avoid airline surcharges with ease

A downward economy, soaring fuel prices, and a dollar beaten up by the British pound and the Euro. So, what do the airlines do in response? Do they raise prices? No, they initiate every conceivable surcharge, fee and rule to generate revenue.