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Best Selling Author Sees the Big Screen in his Future

His new book The Wishing Trees is filled with eye candy and has a romantic, lovely twist to the story.

Power Boating Around the World in Two Years

Power Boating Around World. Christi and Eric Grab spent two years traveling around the world on their 43' power boat.

Author speaks gospel truth about money management

What is the least crowded week to visit Disney World? Which websites help you find the cheapest airplane tickets? Where can you find true travel bargains?

Famous psychic, astrologer, past life therapist and author offers a journey...

From June 13-20, 2010, acclaimed author, psychic, astrologer, and past-life therapist David Wells will be onboard a cruise ship delivering a range of fantastic workshops on a week-long cruise out of M

Travel attorney and author, Alexander Anolik, speaks out about Cruise Vessel...

Highly-acclaimed author and travel attorney, Alexander Anolik, has defended the travel industry and travelers for decades.