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Double-whammy for UK travelers – volcanic ash cloud and BA unions

Air travellers are facing a double threat involving the latest ash plume from Iceland's volcano moving around into UK airspace, as well as a union summit to discuss strikes which could affect hundreds

New ash cloud over Europe causes hundreds of flight cancellations, delays

BRUSSELS — The Icelandic volcano with the unpronounceable name reminded the world again that it has the power to disrupt international travel — coughing out a spreading cloud of ash that delayed o

International Air Transport Association calls for Single European Sky

“The volcanic ash crisis that paralyzed European air transport for nearly a week made it crystal clear that the Single European Sky is a critical missing link in Europe’s infrastructure” said In

Malaysian hospitality winning hearts and minds amidst volcanic ashes

The situation: there are 16,000 stranded passengers on the waiting list for flights to and from Europe, which may take up to mid-May to clear.

Air Seychelles provides exemplary service over ash disruptions

In view of the restrictions of European aviation bodies, Air Seychelles decided to operate their Rome–London flight with a turnaround in Rome, i.e., passengers to London would have to make their onw

Malaysia Airlines flights to UK and Europe disrupted

Due to airport closures across the UK and Europe as a result of volcanic ash from Iceland, Malaysia Airlines’ flights have been disrupted.

Mount Redoubt Ash clears and flights resume

Alaska Airlines resumed flights in and out of Alaska this afternoon following the clearing of ash clouds from Mount Redoubt.

Limited flights resumed in Alaska

Alaska Airlines announced that it has resumed a limited number of flights in Alaska, flying when the air is clear of volcanic ash from Mount Redoubt's second eruption.

Mt. Redoubt in Alaska erupts again

Alaska Airlines has suspended all flights into and out of Anchorage, Alaska due to the mid-morning eruption of Mt. Redoubt.