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The coolest hotel in the world at ICEHOTEL

Ice, ice, baby: the ICEHOTEL is located in the north of Sweden, in a little village called Jukkasjarvi, in the middle of the archaic landscape of the polar circle.

First fair in the world dedicated to cultural tourism

After months of preparation, Art&Tourism, the first event in the world entirely dedicated to cultural tourism, is getting ready for its long-awaited debut on the international scene - ten days and the

Bagan, center of sand painting

BAGAN, Myanmar (eTN) - With its 1,200 or 1,300 stupas, pagodas, and temples – it is probably difficult to get a precise figure - Bagan in Myanmar is certainly one of Asia’s most stunning places to

Dusseldorf – city of thriving arts and culture scene

Dusseldorf is often overlooked in favor of its more popular sister Cologne, but this elegant, modern city on the eastern bank of the Rhine River has risen steadily to defy its origins as the dorf (vil

Tourism news: Heavy tourist traffic endangering Sistine Chapel

Heavy tourist traffic through the Sistine Chapel, in the Vatican, is endangering the world-renowned frescoes decorating its walls.

Mixing art with safaris

UGANDA, Africa (eTN) - The Uganda-based GeoLodges, formerly known as Inns of Uganda, has recently started to promote local artists and art pieces through their "Art on Safari" initiative.

Tourism news: Washington states turns agricultural tourism into a fine art

Farms and orchards that once simply supplied jobs and food have become entertainment and educational outlets for tourists interested in knowing where and how food is made.

UHIC State of Islamic Art

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) has recently made the final touches on the logo of the First International Conference of Urban Heritage in Islamic Countries (UHIC).

TourCrafters offers English- and Russian-speaking Italy tours

Italy is everybody's favorite country including, it seems, Russian-speaking Americans.

Multi-million dollar art program completed for Atlantis, The Palm – Dubai

NEW YORK, NY - Joan Warren-Grady, art advisor to luxury hotels worldwide, has recently completed a multi-million dollar art program for Atlantis, The Palm - Dubai, UAE, adding to her client list of mo

First travel grant from dodo.com goes to Anthony Asael

BERLIN - The travel community dodo.com is giving away a travel grant worth US$5,000.

Thailand showcases rare art display

LONDON (eTN) - A demon-faced dance mask with gold and painted mirror work, carved ivory, wood and lacquer offering dishes overlaid with mother of pearl and the unusual porcelain Bencharong ('Five Colo