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Want to live longer? Take a nature vacation

Sntists have reported just recently that there is a direct link between nature vacations and a longer life.

5 SPA trends for 2019 Revealed

The most exciting 2019 SPA trends are good news for nature and lovers.

Cunard defines luxury with new spa offering

Mareel’s redesigned hydro-pool on newly-refurbished Queen Elizabeth with focus on wellness and beauty.

Waikiki Aqua hotel war with Marriott Hawaii has Mafia-style element

HONOLULU, Hawaii (eTN) - “I’d like to hold onto my job for now, so no comment,” said a hotel employee of the new "The Modern Honolulu" when eTurboNews called the hotel, that just two days ago wa

Luxury Amazon cruise ship raided by armed bandits

Aqua Expeditions' luxury river ship, Aqua, was raided by armed bandits on Sunday, reports industry publication Travel Weekly.
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