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Skål India’s newest club makes its debut

Skål International India’s President, Ranjini Nambiar, announced the opening of its 12th club under the name of Skål International Srinagar.

eTN ROAR: The half-eaten apple

Who would have guessed that a half-eaten apple left in a bedside cabinet drawer 25 years ago could have caused a rumpus and still be remembered 25 years later half- way across the world?

Tahiti tourism launches first destination app

Paradise can now be found in the palm of a hand with Tahiti Tourisme launching its first travel app for Android and Apple users.

Not to be outdone by Apple, Google dives into passenger app...

Back in April 2010, it came to light that Apple is working on an iTravel app and has been busy filing a series of submissions to the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Apple founder Steve Jobs dies at 56

Steve Jobs, the visionary in the black turtleneck who co-founded Apple in a Silicon Valley garage, built it into the world's leading tech company and led a mobile-computing revolution with wildly popu

Free travel app from Green Globe Certification

LOS ANGELES, California - Green Globe Certification today unveiled its new Green Globe App for Apple mobile devices.

Rembrandt and Apple: An interactive touch-green tool

Rembrandt Hotel is now offering its guests some of the most cutting-edge interactive services.

Travel, hotel and shopping applications patented by Apple

New York - Three new patent applications that just became public on the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website reveal that Apple is now patenting ideas for mobile applications.

Apple files patent for iTravel

A battle is raging between Apple, Nokia, Amazon, Google, and RIM to develop a platform for the travel industry, and it has been reported that Apple has filed a patent for their version of such a trave
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