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Tag: antiquity

Rome’s Circo Maximo takes visitors on a cutting-edge tour

Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy- May 25, 2019

Opening to the public is an innovative project of enhancement in augmented reality and virtual reality of one of the ... Read More

Ideal ocean cruise ship: Ship sizes and what they mean for your cruise

mm Chief Assignment Editor- April 24, 2019

Ships sizes range from megaships (over 4,000 passengers) to very small vessels and luxury yachts whose passengers number in mere ... Read More

Malta’s National Museum of Fine Art housed in a historic, eco-friendly landmark

mm Chief Assignment Editor- January 2, 2019

MUŻA, the recently opened National Museum of Fine Art in Malta, represents a significant development in the history of museums ... Read More

Pottery jug found dating back to pre-Islamic era

editor editor- May 1, 2012

A rare pottery jug that dates back to the pre-Islamic era was found recently in the Al Ahsa municipality. Read More