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What animal is so big, it got its own Travel Mart?

A new event seeks to raise awareness of growing global interest in ecotourism and at the same time, create opportunities that benefit this mammal, the environment and local communities.

8 trips that let animal lovers help out along the way

Riding on elephants is cool, but helping them live well is cooler. That's the thought behind voluntourism -- travel that lets visitors help out along the way.

Sri Lanka could have a big 4 like Africa has a...

Wildlife enthusiasts and tourists the world over are quite familiar with Africa’s “Big 5” the most sought after, highly visible, large, and sometimes dangerous wild animals.

Airline loophole: Many animals’ deaths not tallied

Maggie Mae, a West Highland white terrier puppy, was crushed to death on the tarmac at Atlanta’s airport this spring, horrifying her new owner.

Sudan to upgrade tourism facilities after animals survive war

Southern Sudan plans to upgrade its tourist facilities after aerial surveys showed that millions of animals, including 8,000 elephants, in two wildlife reserves survived the nation's 21-year civil war
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