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Report: Amtrak dangerously overlooking drug and alcohol use by employees

A new report blasts Amtrak, the nation's largest passenger rail carrier, for dangerously overlooking drug and alcohol use by its employees.

eTickets now accepted on every Amtrak train

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today Amtrak is launching its eTicket program to all trains within its national network including on the Northeast Corridor, state-supported routes and long-distance services.

Amtrak ridership up from coast to coast

WASHINGTON - The numbers are now in and January is the 15th straight month of ridership growth for Amtrak and also the best January on record with 2,126,429 passengers.

Rail and Transit Stations to see increased security activities

This is a test, we repeat, it is merely a test.

Amtrak passenger numbers set new record

Citing an improving economy and high fuel prices as factors, Joseph Boardman, president and CEO of

Amtrak searching for head of new inter-city department

Amtrak president and CEO Joseph Boardman said a new high-speed rail department is the next step in an ongoing process to better position Amtrak to maximize the opportunities available in the new inter

Passenger rail essential to addressing climate concerns

In a keynote speech delivered to the Northeast Climate Policy Forum, Amtrak president and CEO Joseph Boardman explained why passenger rail should be part of any strategy that addresses climate concern

Amtrak launches Twitter page

Amtrak has expanded its social media presence by launching its Twitter page. Travelers and rail enthusiasts can now check Amtrak news and events on Twitter at @Amtrak.

Amtrak mooning event eclipsed by city officials

The City of Laguna Niguel and the Orange County Sheriff's Department have been taking steps to discourage attendance at the anticipated Amtrak Mooning event on Saturday, July 11.

Annual Amtrak ridership sets all-time record

WASHINGTON DC - Amtrak ridership in Fiscal Year 2008 increased to 28,716,407 marking the sixth straight year of gains and setting a record for the most passengers using Amtrak trains since the Nationa

Amtrak, TSA and law enforcement officers mobilize for major Northeast Corridor...

WASHINGTON, DC (September 23, 2008) - Amtrak Office of Security Strategy and Special Operations (OSSSO), Amtrak Police, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel and officers from approxi

Amtrak rides a renaissance

WASHINGTON - With gasoline prices up, highways snarled, and tarmacs congested, America is going back to basics - or taking a sentimental journey - to passenger rail.