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Mumbai hotels threaten to slap cancellation charges, keep deposits of no-show...

As if bloodshed in the hands of the terrorists weren’t enough “shock and awe” for Mumbai hotel guests when hundreds of victims either died or were injured in a terrorist attack that shattered th

eTN Inbox: Greetings from Mumbai!

What has happened in Mumbai is most unfortunate. We were hoping to have a good tourist season. However, in view of the recent siege, the next three months don't look too exciting.

India: Dissecting hotel business, politics and middle class

After the terror attacks in Mumbai in India’s finest luxury hotels that claimed the lives of over 170 people and injured some 200 civilians, an examination of the state of the country’s hotel trad

Mumbai will prevail, terror won’t

After ten gunmen paralyzed the commercial hub and hospitality center of Mumbai in attacks that killed at least 174 people and revealed the weakness of India's security apparatus, India’s tourism dam