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TAT launches online campaign titled “Amazing 10 days in Thailand”

BANGKOK, Thailand — The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) today announced the results of the survey conducted from travelers all over the world to find out the "100 Most Amazing Places in Thailand

Time to shop till you drop at Thailand’s Grand Sale

BANGKOK, Thailand - Malaysians will want to head north to shop and save during the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale, Thailand's biggest annual shopping extravaganza, which offers world-class shopping, a di

Centara Boutique Collection offers free nights

Centara Boutique Collection is offering a package in which guests booking one night or two nights’ accommodation, depending on the resort, receive one extra night free of charge.

High quality traveler targeted in Thailand

Higher quality tourists than big numbers is the credential of the Tourism Authority of Thailand for 2010, according to TAT Governor Suraphon Svetasreni and Jutthaporn Rerngronasa during the ATF.

Going to the Chapel

Thailand is a country entwined with romance. Exotic and alluring, it is a beautiful tropical paradise where love blossoms as colourful as the orchid flowers that grow abundantly.

Ceremonial Splendour

Thailand is predominantly Buddhist in belief, and even if you are not of this religious persuasion, a matrimonial joining by auspicious amber-robed holy men is a unique and deeply spiritual blessing b

Unique Unions

In Thailand, there is no limit to the spectacular locations and manner on which your pledge your love.

Honeymoon Heaven

Thailand is often described as one of the world’s dream honeymoon destinations, and it’s easy to see why.

Spa Serenity

A lingering visit to a Thai spa is truly a sublime pampering experience, delivering a heavenly comfort that is unrivalled.

Culinary Coupling

What better way to start a marriage than together learning the culinary art of Thai cooking at one of the many day-long cooking schools offered in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, and Phuket.

Amorous Adventures

Not everyone’s idea of a honeymoon is lazing around sandy beaches, or at the spa enjoying relaxation and the serenity of the Thai landscape.