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Art at 1,850 m altitude: the luxury hotel Les Suites de...

The luxury hotel Les Suites de la Potiniere is going to be a gallery – Marie Christine Grulier presents an impressive selection of contemporary artwork.

St. Moritz: birthplace of Alps winter tourism

Regarded as the birthplace of winter tourism in the Alps, St. Moritz has been a popular winter destination for sophisticated travellers since the middle of the 19th century.

In search of a cow in Germany

GERMANY (eTN) - Germany has never been known as a country of cowboys, but it is now searching for a very clever cow named Yvonne, who has become a most popular tourist attraction.

Green tourism project introduces Alpmobil to Alpine tourism

MEIRINGEN, Switzerland (Reuters) - A pair of sturdy goats led 10 cows with regional and national flags tied to horns and bridles up toward the mountains this week at the launch of a new Swiss eco-proj

German tourist finally gets reward for finding Ötzi the Iceman

A German vacationer who discovered a 5,000-year-old ice mummy received a €175,000 ($213,000) reward for her sensational find after a long legal battle, her lawyer said Tuesday.

Wintertime Alpine tourists urged to respect wildlife

The increasing popularity of such winter sports as free-ride snowboarding or snowshoe walking is threatening the survival of wild animals in mountain regions.

First integrated holiday resort to open in the Alps

Ground-breaking took place today by Orascom Development Holding AG for the first integrated holiday resort in the Alps, the Andermatt. What is an itegrated resort?

Bollywood drives Indian tourists to Swiss Alps

ZURICH - More and more Indian tourists are making a beeline for the Swiss Alps -- thanks to Bollywood which has now made the landlocked European nation one of its most favourite outdoor locations in t

Alpine tourists attacked by Pyrenean dogs brought in to save the...

Jean-Luc Renaud was on a mountain-walking holiday when he saw a bloodstained Belgian tourist staggering towards him.

Alps hit by two-decade decline in snowfall

PARIS — A forthcoming study has added to worries that the Alpine ski industry will be badly affected by global warming, the British weekly New Scientist reports.A "dramatic step-like drop" in the amount of snow falling in the western European mountain chain occurred in the late 1980s and since then snowfall has never recovered, it says.