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Former Aloha Airlines CEO disputes claim by Governor Lingle

HONOLULU — Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle's claim that she and Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona helped Aloha Airlines before it collapsed is disputed by airline's ex-CEO David Banmiller.

Sale of Aloha Airlines name declared invalid

A federal judge threw out the sale of Aloha Airlines' trade name and logo, putting a hold on efforts to rebrand rival go! airline as Aloha Airlines.

Hawaii loses 85% of air cargo capability

Hawaii's economy, reeling from the loss of thousands of jobs with the demise of Aloha Airlines' passenger service, the closure of Molokai Ranch and NCL America's decision to pull out two of its ships, now faces the loss of a vital transportation link with the shutdown of Aloha's cargo operations.

Aloha, ATA closures force Hawaii tourism officials to the discussion table

HONOLULU (eTN) - The recent failures of Aloha Airlines and ATA have forced Hawaii tourism official to the discussion table, a recent chat with Hawaii’s tourism liaison, Marsha Wienert, has revealed. Just who they are meeting with and what they are discussing have yet to be disclosed, however.Below is part one of eTN’s exclusive interview with Wienert:

For some Aloha workers, loss of insurance is disaster

Lisa Papapa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in August, lost her job as an Aloha Airlines flight attendant last month and today will look for a new career - mostly for the medical benefits to cover the $1,049 monthly cost of her MS medication.

It will be business as usual for Aloha Airlines

HONOLULU (eTN) – Following last week’s announcement it had sought o4 bankruptcy protection, Aloha Airlines yesterday said it has received approval from US Bankruptcy Court on March 21 and that the Hawaii-based airline will “continue operating as usual.”