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Airline alliances far from providing truly seamless experience for travelers

The airlines love to tout their participation in one of the "Big Three" airline alliances as being great for consumers.

Airline alliances – knowing who is who can often save travelers...

Vietnam Airlines joined the SkyTeam alliance earlier this month, the latest airline to join one of the three loose confederations that dominate the aviation industry.

China Eastern in talks with all 3 global airline alliances

SHANGHAI - China Eastern Airlines Corp is in talks with Star Alliance and the other two global airline industry alliances as it moves to boost its profile, a senior company executive said on Thursday.

Aer Lingus: Ryanair’s “poison-pill” shareholding blocks alliances

Aer Lingus has accused arch-rival Ryanair of deterring the likes of British Airways from taking a stake in the business because of Ryanair's "poison-pill" shareholding in Ireland's national airline.

Macquarie: Qantas may keep JAL codeshare even if JAL defects

Qantas Airways Ltd., Australia’s biggest carrier, may keep codeshare arrangements with Japan Airlines Corp.

American Airlines to invest in JAL even in bankruptcy

TOKYO - American Airlines is considering sweetening its $1.1 billion investment proposal for Japan Airlines and would be willing to invest in the carrier even if it goes into bankruptcy, an American A

The importance of airline alliances

On September 13, Routes and AirTransportNews held a conference on "The Importance of Airline Alliances" that took place alongside with the 15th World Route Development Forum in Beijing.

Oberstar’s crusade on global airline alliances continues

The U.S. Department of Justice has approved Continental Airlines' application to join the Star Alliance and get antitrust immunity for much of its dealings with other airlines.

New leadership for United Airlines Alliances and Asia

UAL Corporation, the holding company whose primary subsidiary is United Airlines, today named Mark Schwab, senior vice president-alliances, international and regulatory affairs, and James Mueller, vic

EU probes oneworld, Star airline alliances

The Star Alliance and oneworld frequent-flier alliances are at the center of a competition probe, according to various media reports out today.

Virgin Atlantic objects to airline alliances

Virgin Atlantic has reacted to reports that British Airways may be seeking an alliance with American Airlines and Iberia.

Jet rides global airline alliances to expand international reach

Mumbai - The country’s largest private carrier Jet Airways (India) Ltd is planning to enter into more alliances with international airlines, to expand its global network without actually adding more planes or directly flying to new destinations abroad.