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Nairobi’s Westgate Mall attack claims at least 39 dead and over...

News has been emerging from Nairobi that gunfire has been reported from the West Gate Mall, one of Nairobi's largest and a major police and security operation is now underway and have confirmed that a

Suspect in grenade attack shot dead in Nairobi

(eTN) - Reports just breaking from Nairobi speak of one suspect in the Eastleigh area of Nairobi being gunned down in a shootout with security operatives, who had cornered him.

Garissa Hotel in Kenya scene of another Al Shabab attack

(eTN) - While there is no indication at present if the indiscriminate shooting the evening before yesterday at the Dunes Hotel in Garissa was related to the just-concluded party nominations for politi

Drive-by assassination rocks Mombasa

eTN) - The assassination of what is largely considered a radical Islamic preacher with suspected links to Al Shabab and other terrorist groups, has left Mombasa reeling from an immediate outbreak of v

Al Shabab terror strike kills at least 17 in Catholic and...

(eTN) - The bloodiest strike yet on Kenya this morning was perpetrated in the Northern Kenyan town of Garissa, where almost simultaneously two Christian churches were attacked by what is generally tho

Kenya tourism stakeholders accuse US of fueling hysteria

(eTN) - The announcement by the US Embassy in Nairobi, that they had “credible intelligence of an imminent attack on tartest in Mombasa” was taken a step further yesterday when all their personnel

Al Shabab sympathizers suspected to have caused carnage

Kenya’s determination to pursue Al Shabab terrorists deep into Somalia and joining AMISOM, the United Nations and African Union peace-keeping mission in that war-torn country, has, in spite of visib

Consensus builds on total embargo on Somalia and no-fly zone

(eTN) - The news that two plane loads of weaponry and ammunition being offloaded yesterday at the airport of Baidoa in Al Shabab-controlled parts of Somalia has sent a further message to the powers in

Somalia government points to Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab in hotel suicide...

NAIROBI, Kenya - At least 32 people, including 6 legislators from the country's western-funded parliament, were killed on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 in a suicide bombing at a hotel near Somalia's presid