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Clickair CEO sick of easyJet and Ryanair talks

Clickair is a low-cost carrier that is based in Barcelona, Spain. The LCC operates services from Spanish cities to 40 destinations in Europe. That is pretty impressive by any standard.

Former American Airlines executive tells US carriers: stop making excuses

No matter what I suggest, the outcome can’t be worse than what has already happened, Robert Crandall said within the first minute of his keynote address at the recently-concluded Airline Strategy Su

US carriers: The complexities of making a profit

LONDON (eTN) - US carriers are charging customers for everything from luggage to pillows these days.

Airline CEOs and experts meet to discuss airline strategy

LONDON (eTN) – Strategy is the word that has brought together various aviation executives and experts to London for Air Weekly’s ongoing Airline Strategy Summit where the list for the world’s fa