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WestJet and JetBlue shrinking legroom to increase revenues

Call it the incredible shrinking legroom, or call it an airline seating trend. Whatever you want to call it, tall travelers should take note.

Making the skies a lot friendlier through social media

LOS ANGELES, California (eTN) - We've all been there - stuck at 30,000 feet next to a seatmate we would rather not spend the next twelve long hours with.

Air Uganda takes fight to the market

UGANDA (eTN) - With presently three flights a week between Entebbe to Mombasa and on to Zanzibar, Uganda’s quasi-national airline, U7, is clearly intent to fill those 50 seats in the CRJ 200 they us

China Eastern Airlines cancels Hawaii flights

HONOLULU, Hawaii (eTN) - eTurboNews (eTN) learned that China Eastern Airlines cancelled flights between Hawaii and China.

Number of scheduled airline seats to Hawaii declines

Scheduled airline seats to Hawaii this fall are 2.1 percent lower than in the same September-November period last year.