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Soda spat, unflushed toilet lead to $500K lawsuit against Virgin America

An air passenger is now suing Virgin America saying that vengeful flight attendants had him unnecessarily detained after they alleged that he did not flush the toilet on board.

Air France: Not Jewish? Get off the plane!

A French court on Thursday ordered Air France to pay a 10,000 euro ($12,800) fine for having ordered a pro-Palestinian activist off a flight to Tel Aviv because she was not Jewish.

United postpones flight for passenger to see dying mother

If Kerry Drake missed his connecting flight, he wouldn't get to the hospital in time to say goodbye to his mother.

US visitor dies in Hungary after being refused seat on three...

A U.S woman died on holiday in Hungary after being refused a seat on three flights back to New York because she was too heavy to fly, according to her husband.

Alaska Airlines announces twice-daily service between Seattle and Salt Lake City

SEATTLE, Wash. - Alaska Airlines today announced new twice-daily service between Seattle and Salt Lake City. Year-round flights to the "Crossroads of the West" are scheduled to begin April 4, 2013.

Woman suing Southwest Airlines over hot tea

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A Tennessee woman sued Southwest Airlines and a flight attendant Tuesday for $800,000 for serving tea she says severely burned her.

United Air passenger indicted for sexually abusing sleeping woman on plane

A New Jersey man was indicted Thursday for allegedly sexually abusing a woman who was asleep on an airplane, the U.S. District Attorney's Office said.

Alaska Air: Note on damaged wing “not best way to report...

It's not the kind of view you want from the window seat: a damaged wing flap with a handwritten note on it saying "we know about this," with an arrow pointing to the area in question.

JetBlue reconfigures Embraer E190 fleet to offer more legroom

NEW YORK, N.Y. - JetBlue Airways today announces the reconfiguration of its Embraer E190 fleet to offer customers two more rows of its coveted Even More Space seats.

US Airways’ passenger arrested for making terroristic threats

Philadelphia - Police arrested a woman Wednesday at Philadelphia International Airport after authorities alleged she made terroristic threats and intimidated passengers and crew.

CDC: Woman with measles traveled through 3 airports

State public health officials are contacting airline passengers after a woman with measles traveled through three airports earlier this week, a spokesman for the U.S.