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Etihad CEO: Legacy airline alliances outlived their usefulness

NEW DELHI, India - The apprehension of global airlines when Abu Dhabi-based Etihad confirmed stake purchase talks with Jet Airways that the Gulf carrier is planning its own informal alliance has prove

Airline alliances focus on Africa while Africa focuses on itself at...

(eTN) - While Asia seems to be the present focus of airline alliances, and for good reasons considering the huge growth markets of China and India – the latter rapidly liberalizing now and offering

Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are forces to be reckoned with

LONDON, England - Trust the carriers of the Persian Gulf to cause mischief again.

International airline alliances opposed by US unions

CHICAGO - U.S. airline unions have intensified their calls for more oversight of industry alliances in a move that could spell trouble for existing and proposed tie-ups.

Emirates wants more scrutiny of transatlantic airline alliances

BRUSSELS - The European Union should scrutinise more closely the competitive advantage enjoyed by transatlantic airline alliances to ensure they do not violate antitrust rules, Emirates Airlines said