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400 stranded tourists airlifted from Nepalese mountains

KATHMANDU, Nepal - Around 400 stranded tourists were airlifted from Lukla and Surke on Sunday.

Increased airlift expected to put Hawaii on track to reach 2011...

HONOLULU, Hawaii - Despite the decline in visitor arrivals for August, total arrivals and spending for all of 2011 to date remains up over 2010 with a 14.1 percent increase in overall spending and an

Additional airlift from Asia to Hawaii begins this month

HONOLULU, Hawaii - As an island state, Hawai'i is dependent on the airline industry to provide adequate airlift to and from the Hawaiian islands that supports the foundation of the visitor industry, b

Antigua tourism minister says it is all about lift

(eTN) - As a former business executive and sports professional, seeing the completion of a successful deal is a sure way to get a smile from the Hon. John Maginley, the Minister of Antigua tourism.

‘Tired’ tourist airlifted from Table Mountain

An American tourist had to be rescued after he took a wrong turn hiking on Table Mountain and became stuck on a ledge on Monday.

Air China undertakes airlift to relieve earthquake victims

Since May 12, when an 8.0-magnitude earthquake killed over 51,000 Chinese and left over 5 million people homeless in the Sichuan Province of China, Air China has flown over 331 relief missions between Beijing and the city of Chengdu, about 60 miles south of the epicenter, to aid quake victims and their families.