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Over a third of Americans planning to travel for Thanksgiving

NEWTON, Mass. - The results of Thanksgiving travel survey of more than 1,500 U.S. respondents have been announced today.

Mystifly team welcomes visitors to booth at World Travel Market

MyFareBox is a B2B travel technology platform from Mystifly and is extensively used by travel organizations in over 22 countries including the UK, USA, France, Norway, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Singapo

Fly glocally with Mystifly

Mystifly is revolutionizing the way airfares are being searched and booked over the internet with its unique technological and delivery prowess.

Air Uganda takes fight to the market

UGANDA (eTN) - With presently three flights a week between Entebbe to Mombasa and on to Zanzibar, Uganda’s quasi-national airline, U7, is clearly intent to fill those 50 seats in the CRJ 200 they us

Travelers put airport security atop Santa’s “Naughty” List

AUSTIN, Texas - With nearly a quarter of Americans expected to hit the road and take to the skies this holiday season, many travelers are hoping Santa brings "joy to their world" in the form of lower

Kenya Airways stick to its guns as some hoteliers complain about...

(eTN) - Rumbles from within the tourism industry are slowly emerging over Kenya Airways’ recent introduction of US dollar-based domestic fares, which can be paid with the equivalent of Kenya shillin

Summer airfares likely to soar

MUMBAI, India - Soaring fuel prices and rising passenger demand will make summer travel to international destinations costlier by 15%-20% from a year earlier, said aviation and travel trade experts.

Steep rise in airfares affecting Indian tourism

Steep rise in airfares is "affecting the overall tourism" in the country and domestic airlines need to do much more to bring the cost down, civil aviation minister Praful Patel said here on Monday.

Brussels Airlines to match airfares offered by competitors

UGANDA (eTN) - It was learned from a regular source at the Kampala office of Brussels Airlines (SN) that SN will match fares into the key European cities now on offer by newcomers to the market trying

Expert: Domestic fares 16 – 20% higher this fall

Travelers on U.S. airlines can look forward to higher fares and higher fees this fall as demand recovers from the 2009 economic recession, a top fare expert said on Monday.

No, it’s not your imagination – airfares are rising

DALLAS — If you think airfares have been rising, it's not your imagination.

Low season equals low airfares in Nairobi

In an effort to maintain and increase passenger loads during the present low season on the tourist market, Fly 540 is offering a low-cost airfare between Entebbe and Nairobi.

Airfares up 13% as summer season demand rising

Delta Air Lines Inc., American Airlines and other U.S.

Kenya airfares to rival bus fares

Information was recently sent to this correspondent from Nairobi by two individuals, normally keenly observing the local aviation scene, about new low cost airlines being under formation and intending

Experts: Savvy shoppers can still find holiday bargains

Average airfares have been rising lately, but that doesn't mean would-be fliers should rush to lock in their tickets whatever the price.

Spirit Airlines leaps into airfare war

Spirit Airlines jumped into South Florida's airline brawl Wednesday afternoon with a $9 each-way fare sale on its nonstop flights between Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles.

Southwest, Delta up most US tickets $20

Delta Air Lines Inc., Southwest Airlines Co. and other major U.S. carriers raised fares $20 round trip in the first successful price increase for most domestic routes this year.

Cheaper than eating out: A cross-country airline ticket

A friend of mine in Los Angeles recently picked up a fast-food meal for two and was mildly shocked at the price (he doesn't get out much) -- the tab was close to $14.

Take advantage of deeply discounted ‘consolidator’ fares

If my e-mail inbox is any gauge of the current climate, travelers are looking for ways to cut costs on airfare. I’ve gotten lots of questions lately about “consolidator” fares.

Airfare bargains in ‘worldwide distress sale’

David Shepherd, the manager of Berkeley's Northside Travel, looked up San Francisco-London round-trip fares on the agency's airline computer system and had a good chuckle.

Airlines hope cheap fares can save them

If you've been looking for that bargain-basement airfare, this may be your time to book.

Fare watcher says airline prices down sharply

Prices for airline travel to Europe and Hawaii during the upcoming peak summer season are far below last year's levels, suggesting the carriers are worried about filling planes, says an observer of fa

AirTran launches fare sale for travel into fall

ATLANTA — In a sign of great uncertainty about demand for air travel this year amid the deep U.S.

Southwest Airlines launches fare sale, includes Florida, early summer

Southwest Airlines launched a fare sale Tuesday with deep discounts on flights nationwide that one travel expert called "truly unusual."

Make airline pricing transparent: Praful Patel

The airline industry and Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel are on a war path over the issue of airfares.

Top 10 tips for saving on airfares in 2009

No one really knows where airfares are headed this year (beware anyone who claims they do; they're probably just trying to grab headlines).

Passenger bill of rights will make airfares soar: airline council

Airfares will soar if a passenger bill of rights, proposed by Winnipeg MP Jim Maloway, is approved, Canada's airline industry has warned.

Promo codes may provide the key to the lowest airfares

The trend among some carriers in recent months has been to drive more consumers to their own branded sites, and the weapon of choice in this war for brand loyalty has been promotion or discount codes,

Hotels, planes, ships: Fire sale is on, however you travel

At least for the time being, the travel industry has become like a Persian bazaar, with merchants shouting out bargains, grabbing your arms, urging you to step into their shop for a cup of tea—and a

Drop in gas prices doesn’t mean airline tickets will be cheaper

So you figured, with the price of jet fuel — like the gas you buy at the pump — coming back down to earth, you might get a price break at the airport.