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Opposition in parliament demands Air Tanzania be declared bankrupt

(eTN) - Sharp differences in opinion emerged in the Tanzanian parliament this week when the Minister for Transport, Dr.

Air Tanzania lease reports reveal irregularities

(eTN) - The Tanzanian Auditor General unearthed in annual reports a number of irregularities over the lease of an Airbus A320 by Air Tanzania (ATCL) in 2007.

Air Tanzania risks to lose head office over debt claims

(eTN) - Information has come to light that the head office building of Air Tanzania (ATCL) is currently being assessed as to its value following an order by the Tanzania High Court over an outstanding

Bad luck haunts Air Tanzania on return to the skies

(eTN) - Information is emerging from Dar es Salaam, that embattled Air Tanzania, upon taking to the skies once again last Friday, has suffered a setback on the maiden flight to Kigoma.

Outrage over Air Tanzania lease agreement grows

(eTN) - Information was unearthed last week about the cost of the lease of an aged B737-200 aircraft that Air Tanzania seems to have wet-leased from a South African firm, Star Air Cargo.

Tanzania air service in for changes

(eTN) - At the recently-concluded World Routes meeting in Abu Dhabi, senior staff of new kid on the block, FastJet, told the media that their first route will be from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi, and is

Air Tanzania set to return to the skies

(eTN) - Air Tanzania’s Acting Chief Executive, Captain Milton Lazaro, yesterday announced in Dar es Salaam that the airline would resume operations with their leased B737-500 this Friday, now that t

New tourism minister vows to make changes

Appointed only last week, the new man at the helm of the ministry for natural resources and tourism Khamis Kagesheki made his first major announcement yesterday in Dar es Salaam.

Air Tanzania’s CEO statement seen as “feeble and unworthy”

(eTN) - Aviation observers in the region reacted with some scorn to the response by Air Tanzania’s Acting CEO Paul Chizi to the most recent accident of the airline’s single plane, a Bombardier Q30

Air Tanzania’s plans for self maintenance raises serious safety concerns

An announcement earlier in the week by financially-crippled Air Tanzania that they were intending to maintain their presently single aircraft, a Bombardier Q300, at their home base in Dar es Salaam, h

Air Tanzania plans Bombardier purchases

(eTN) - Within hours of the announcement that Precision Air’s IPO had attracted less than 43 percent of a share take up, Air Tanzania (ATCL) made waves with an announcement that they would hold more

Former Air Tanzania chief in court as successor talks bigs

(eTN) - The former Air Tanzania CEO ended up in court on Tuesday, November 22 with two erstwhile colleagues, charged with abuse of office over an alleged 1.4 billion Tanzania shillings procurement dea

Air Tanzania to get airborne again on Tuesday

The Tanzanian national airline that was grounded for months is due to return to the skies over Tanzania on Tuesday this week.

Aviation observers claim payment of AirTanzania debts has tilted the market

(eTN) - Air Tanzania (ATCL) has finally received a new AOC – Air Operator’s Certification – from the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority, after the previous permit had lapsed following the suspen

Kigoma and Tabora to be ATCL’s first destinations

(eTN) - The arrival of Air Tanzania’s Bombardier Q 300 turboprop aircraft from South Africa over the weekend, where it had been undergoing heavy maintenance since February but was only released afte

Tanzania Transport Minister defends funding for ailing Air Tanzania

(eTN) - At the launch of "Transport Week" on Wednesday this week, part of the ongoing preparations and celebrations of Tanzania’s 50th independence anniversary has the Minister for Transport, Mr.

Air Tanzania gets new acting CEO

(eTN) - Paul Chizi has recently been appointed interim or acting CEO of Air Tanzania (ATCL) by the Minister for Transport, the Hon. Omari Nundu, to take over at ATCL with immediate effect.

Tanzanian government pays for Air Tanzania’s aircraft maintenance

(eTN) - Information was finally confirmed that the government of Tanzania has indeed used some of their sparse cash to pay for major aircraft maintenance for Air Tanzania’s (ATCL) sole aircraft, a B

Another revival for Air Tanzania

(eTN) - "Not again" was the tenor of aviation observers in Tanzania, when news emerged from the parliamentary session in Dodoma, that government was once more pumping money into the airline to pay for

Political anger adds to Air Tanzania woes

(eTN) - The recently reported failure of Air Tanzania to secure a leased plane to maintain operations while their Bombardier turboprop Q300 was first grounded for quite a while and then flown to South

Air Tanzania on the ground as last plane goes for maintenance

(eTN) - Sources in Dar es Salaam have confirmed that the erstwhile national airline’s (Air Tanzania, ATCL) last operational plane, a Bombardier Q300, was sent for heavy maintenance to South Africa,

Unions demand sacking of Air Tanzania management

(eTN) - The Communications and Transport Workers Union in Tanzania has, following a series of negative headlines and scandals, also demanded from government to sack the "inept" management of Air Tanza

Aviation news: Airbus deal said to be off

(eTN) - The Air Tanzania management clearly did not want to wait for a call "from above" and swiftly issued a statement on their aircraft purchase plans, after WikiLeaks blew a wide hole into their si

Wikileaks document suggests attempted corruption in aircraft deal

(eTN) - Air Tanzania has come under added scrutiny, when WikiLeaks documents emerged allegedly drawing on communications between the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam and the State Department.

Tanzania government cannot find investor for Air Tanzania

(eTN) - The handover ceremony last week of the 7th brand new ATR aircraft to Precision Air was graced by a number of government functionaries and key business personalities in Dar es Salaam at the Jul

Things keep getting worse for Air Tanzania

Following a series of damaging revelations about

More financial troubles for Air Tanzania

Complaints were received from travel agents in South Africa about the apparent nonchalant way how Air Tanzania’s (ATCL)

Air Tanzania B737 black box sent abroad for analysis

The black boxes of the ill-fated Air Tanzania B737-200, which ran off the runway upon landing in Mwanza on a scheduled flight coming from the commercial capital of Dar es Salaam, are to be sent abroad

Air Tanzania B737-200 crashes in Mwanza

The beleaguered Tanzanian national airline suffered another setback yesterday, when one of its remaining aircraft, an aged B737-200 crashed while attempting to take off from the lakeside town of Mwanz

Confusion surrounds Air Tanzania search for partners

Media reports earlier in the week threw doubts on the Tanzanian government’s plans to privatize the airline once again, after an American company reportedly staked out claims that they were ready to