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Alitalia wants to dominate in Milan

Alitalia Group intends to strengthen its position at both Milan Linate and Malpensa with a three-year development plan calling for a "dual-brand and customer hub model" at MXP, including a repositioni

Italian airline, Air One, lands in the US

American travelers can start packing their bags for the trip of a lifetime. This week, Air One, Italy's No. 1 private airline, will launch its first intercontinental flights between the US and Italy.

Italian airline must create a buzz on arrival

Italian airline Air One hit turbulence this month before its first flight between Logan International Airport in Boston and Malpensa Airport in Milan could take off.

Airline launches Logan-to-Milan flight

Italian airline Air One said today it is launching its first flights between the US and Italy, including a flight from Boston's Logan International Airport to Milan.Air One said its inaugural flight to Boston will arrive at Logan International Airport on June 14; the Boston-Milan connection will fly daily, excluding Tuesday and Thursday.