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Sri Lanka and Seychelles work to develop air and maritime links

Seychelles President James Michel has expressed satisfaction concerning the “great potential” for Seychelles to develop air links and trade, as well as fisheries cooperation, with the Democratic S

Nassau hosts 5th Routes Americas

In just five days time, the 5th Routes Americas event will take place in Nassau and Paradise Island, the Bahamas.

Kenya to discuss air links with United States

(eTN) - A bilateral meeting between the United States and Kenya at the end of September will have aviation on the agenda, it was understood from a source in Nairobi.

Maintaining safe and efficient air links in Japan crisis

GENEVA, Switzerland - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reiterated its support and efforts to maintain safe and efficient air links with Japan in the aftermath of last week’s earthq

Seychelles president calls for Seychelles-India air links

President James Michel has called for India and

Hong Kong tourism operators wary of new Taiwan-China air links

As a new air link pact between Taiwan and China will take effect soon, Hong Kong's tourism sector is concerned about being marginalized amid the changing situation in the Taiwan Strait, the Hong Kong-