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Airlines want you flying upfront during summertime

NEW YORK, NY – Just as the swallows fly to Capistrano in the summer, airlines have traditionally unleashed their best upfront deals during this time.

MyFareBox offers special air fares

Mystifly, a global B2B anywhere-to-anywhere air travel consolidation services company, enables travel organizations with intelligent fares management and pricing tools that interface multi-GDS content

Expect higher airfares and longer lines during “peak travel” days

JoDee Winterhof still hasn't bought her holiday plane tickets.

Flight Centre pressed major carriers to shelve bargain fares

Confidential emails from Flight Centre executives, including the managing director, Graham Turner, reveal the level of pressure they were putting on major airlines to shelve bargain fares available ov

More Australians traveling to Asia

SYDNEY, Australia - The number of Aussies traveling to Asia via Sydney and Melbourne airports has increased.

Air Fares launching for December 5 inaugural flight

UGANDA (eTN) - Just over a week away from the launch of its return to Uganda, the Gulf Air team has gotten into gear and is working the market with launch fares.

Air fares to rise in Ghana due to new airport tax

The prices of airline tickets are expected to shoot up from Tuesday March 1, when the new airport tax takes effect.

Continental Airlines introduces FareLock

CHICAGO – Continental Airlines today introduced FareLock, an option that offers customers the opportunity to hold reservations and lock-in ticket prices for 72 hours or seven days with no commitment

Watchdog group: Airline fees can increase fare by 50%

That airfare you booked because it looked like a great deal can actually end up costing you 50 percent more because of extra airline fees, a watchdog group has found.

Is it still possible to find airfare deal?

With airlines boosting fares, adding summer surcharges and packing planes, is it still possible to have a deal fall in your lap?

Finding hidden deals with airline promo codes

LOS ANGELES - Ready for a vacation, but money is tight? You might be surprised to learn the deals airlines are offering these days. Here's how to find today's really cheap seats.

Fuel surcharges ready to go airborne again

NEW YORK - U.S. airline fuel surcharges, unseen since the days of record-high oil prices in 2008, are poised to return, said Clem Bason, chief executive of online booking agent Hotwire.

Warren Buffet is in Omaha, hence flights to Omaha cost more...

A nonstop airline ticket from New York to Paris on the first weekend in May costs $1,142. A Continental Airlines Inc.

Analysts: Travel prices rising but won’t go as high as they...

There's good news and bad news for Americans itching for a change of scenery in 2010.

Peru campaigns to bring tourists back to Cuzco

Peru's government is cutting air fares and hotel rates hoping to draw tourists to the Incan city of Cuzco even though the country's top tourist destination, the nearby Machu Picchu fortress, remains i

Delta launches second weekly non-stop Atlanta – St. Kitts flight

Basseterre, St. Kitts – The St. Kitts Tourism Authority is pleased to celebrate the commencement of a second weekly non-stop flight from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to St.

With fewer seats available holiday fares rise

Some airline travelers are in for a rude awakening this holiday season. Last year, it was easy to find a deal on cheap tickets.

More air travel misery on the way

NEW YORK - If you think flying is a miserable experience now, just wait until 2010.

$10 holiday surcharge expanded to 13 days by Delta, AA

Delta Air Lines Inc. and the largest U.S. full-fare carriers, seeking new revenue with a $10 one-way surcharge on holiday flights, widened the program more than fourfold to 13 days.

Australia on top again as number one destination for Americans

According to a Harris Poll released July 9, Australia is once again the most favorable vacation destination for Americans outside of the United States - if cost was not a consideration - re-capturing

With travel market stabilizing US carriers raise fares

Major U.S. airlines Thursday raised fares across parts of their domestic networks, the second hike in as many weeks amid signs that the travel market is stabilizing.

As air travel stalls over the economy, airline deals take off

An airfare war has broken out in recent weeks -- a boon for anyone with money to travel.