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Spain to give EUR600M to its ailing airline industry

MADRID - Spain's government Friday said it had approved up to EUR600 million in loans for the country's ailing commercial airline industry.

Medical tourism – outsourcing health care?

In an age when more and more aspects of our lives are being outsourced overseas, I guess it's not so surprising that health care has been added to the list.

Controversial ‘stem cell tourism’ attracts ailing Americans

To many scientists, those promoting what is sometimes referred to as "stem cell tourism" are nothing more than the 21st century's version of the snake oil salesman.

Reports: Alitalia adviser working on business plan to save ailing airline

ROME: Alitalia's adviser, bank Intesa Sanpaolo, is working on an industrial plan to save the ailing Italian airline, including an injection of fresh capital and possibly international alliances, news