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Earth Day: 13 things everyone can do in 2013

Chicago, Ill. — On April 22nd, the world will celebrate Earth Day.

UN presses for investment in agriculture to prevent food crisis in...

Collective, concerted action is urgently needed to prevent a major food crisis emerging across East Africa, where an estimated 10 million people now face food shortages because of a prolonged drought,

UN: Water scarcity to affect global food production

The world will increasingly experience water scarcity for agriculture as a result of climate change, a phenomenon that will affect the livelihoods of rural communities and the food security of urban d

Marlon Jackson presents sustainable projects to Equatorial Guinea

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea - Marlon Jackson, brother of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and Alfred Dixon, former mayor of Greenevers, North Carolina, were in Equatorial Guinea to discuss potenti

Travel news: Don’t book that Cuban vacation just yet

The Obama administration is considering easing travel restrictions to Cuba, raising the prospect of what lifting the half-century-old U.S.