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Cruise.co.uk celebrates World’s Best Award

Cruise.co.uk is celebrating the award of ‘World’s Leading Cruise Agent’, only weeks after winning the European equivalent award.

Airline spreading wings

MANAMA: India's low-cost domestic airline IndiGo yesterday announced Bahrain's World Travel Service (WTS) as its general sales agent in the country.

Indonesia to appoint Dubai-based tourism agent

The Middle Eastern tourism market is growing in such importance that Indonesia's Ministry of Culture and Tourism is to announce the appointment of a local tourism promotion marketing company.

Find the right agent

If you're booking a simple air ticket or a room at a hotel you know well, you may not need an agent. But for complex itineraries, tours, cruises and expensive trips, an agent can save time, heartache — and yes, even money.The trick is finding one who suits your needs.First, how do agents get paid these days?