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Poor aircraft handling infrastructure hampering growth of African airlines

(eTN) - African airlines are facing a tough going due to poor airport infrastructure coupled with a lack of information technology in the aviation sector.

Kenya Airport Authority under renewed fire

(eTN) - Pun was intended, according to a regular aviation source from Kenya, when he reported that the VIP Lounge at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa had burned to ashes yesterday morning.

Kilimanjaro International next in line for upgrade

(eTN) - Information has been coming in fast and furious in recent weeks, with news chasing news of yet another major international gateway, and even secondary airports being upgraded, expanded, and re

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority admits wide-ranging challenges

(eTN) - The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has earlier in the week acknowledged that operational constraints across the country’s airports, aerodromes, and airfields are a major challenge

Kisumu opens new terminal and facilities

(eTN) - The long-awaited day has dawned, and the new buildings and facilities at Kisumu Airport were finally handed over and their doors opened to airlines, service providers, and passengers.

Of Uganda airports and airports

UGANDA (eTN) - As a frequent traveler, I am probably in a better position to judge the functionalities of our regional airports, and the pain inflicted by overzealous security officials on those havin

Zambia airports being upgraded

(eTN) - There is a huge structure going up near the control tower at the Livingstone Airport in Zambia. This is a new concourse and international departures terminal.

Entebbe International cleared as an A380 emergency landing airport

(eTN) - The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) over the weekend released information that the airport was cleared by an inspection panel of Emirates, Dubai’s award-winning airline, to serve as an emerge

Tanzania objects to plans for Taveta International Airport in Kenya

(eTN) - East African cooperation is once again being put under the microscope over the Kenyan government’s plans to begin the planning for an international airport near the Tanzanian border at Tavet