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Biden advises against travel in ‘confined spaces’

Vice President Joe Biden today warned against commercial air travel or using the subway as the swine flu virus continues to spread.

British government relaxes Lebanon travel advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has changed its travel advice for Lebanon, stating that due to the improved security situation, they are no longer advising against all but essential travel to the

Tourism in Iraq? Not just yet

With Iraqi government keen to promote the country as a tourist hotspot, here is what you should know before buying the airline ticket.How do I get there?

France offers some first-class advice about French tourists

"French travellers are very sensitive to the quality of service," Interface Tourism President Gael de La Porte du Theil told a tourism seminar in Hanoi."They want good food, good value for money and comfort."They are interested in both relaxation and mostly culture-related activities such as visiting monuments, museums, exhibitions and festivals."