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Air New Zealand’s global search for The Great Walker ends Monday,October...

A global search is underway to find four adventurers to take on the challenge of a lifetime by completing all of New Zealand’s nine famous Great Walks in just nine weeks.

Netherland group biking from Pakistan to China and back

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – Eleven members from the Netherlands will cycle on the Karakoram Highway from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, to Karakuli Lake in China and back to Islamabad, Pakistan.

Seychelles tourism moves into the adventure zone

Island life in Seychelles has just gotten more exciting as the destination has moved into a more adventurous zone with SMAC (Specialized Multi Adventure Company), which has recently established itself

Adventure.travel: get there with confidence – start here

When adventuring on the frontier of the mind, body, and spirit, you must have a reliable guide.

Gambela National Park – must conservation make way for profits?

(eTN) - In a remote corner of Ethiopia, not far from the border with the soon independent South Sudan, the little known Gambela National Park is found, visited by a very few adventure tourists who, go

Himachal Pradesh to promote health and adventure tourism

Shimla - Himachal Pradesh government is focussing on health and adventure tourism to cater to new emerging segments of vistors, officials said today.

Greater regulation of adventure tourism urged in New Zealand

The father of a 21-year-old British girl who drowned while riverboarding in New Zealand will continue his fight for greater regulation of the country’s adventure tourism sector, despite new rules an

Study reveals adventure tourism key to boosting economies

WASHINGTON - Could jungle tours, whitewater rafting or birdwatching help a country's economy? Researchers at George Washington University's International Institute of Tourism Studies think so.

New Zealand gets tough on adventure tourism safety

Unsafe adventure tourism operators will be shut down after the Government has completed a review of the multimillion- dollar industry.

Travel insurance industry has the adventure travel trend covered, Squaremouth says

From outer space to the bottom of the sea, adventure travel has become an affordable alternative to traditional resort holidays.

Following Costa Rica’s lead, American tourists are now soaring across zip...

The sport of sailing through the air while tethered to a steel cable has soared in popularity the past few years, attracting millions of Tarzan wannabes.

When Adventure Tourism kills

No one goes on an adventure tour with the thought that he won't make it back alive. The whole point is to push the envelope and live to tell the tale.

Team building tourism in Queenstown

Queenstown's adventure tourism usually aims to get people to take time off from their day job but for one American-based company it is making the employees better at their jobs.Seagate has been bringing its most promising employees to New Zealand for years and it says no other country in the world offers what they get in Queenstown.