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Marriott Rewards launches largest ad campaign in program’s history

BETHESDA, Md. - This Fall, Marriott Rewards is launching the largest ad campaign in the program's history.

Tourism Ireland tempts Londoners with hassle-free holiday from the Olympics

Tourism Ireland ‘Escape The Madness’ ad campaign will be targeting more than eight million Londoners this month to promote Ireland as a hassle-free holiday from the Olympic games.

New Dominican tourism ad campaign goes social

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism has taken the idea of social networking to a new level with their 2012 Dominican Republic social media-inspired ad campaign.

Cathay Pacific suspends ad campaign over sex scandal

Widely circulated photos of Cathay Pacific crew members apparently engaged in a sex act have postponed the launch of an airline ad campaign, according to the New York Times.

Oneworld targets Japan in ad campaign

Oneworld Airline Alliance launched its first major advertising campaign in Japan this week.

As corporate travel declines, South Florida hotels try new tack

After the 9/11 attacks, vacationers were afraid to fly and South Florida hotels suffered.

Don’t misbehave with foreign tourists: Aamir to tell people

New Delhi - Donning a new hat, actor Aamir Khan will now be seen asking countrymen not to misbehave with foreign tourists and deface monuments as part of the Tourism Ministry's social awareness campai

Emirates launches their most adventurous ad campaign yet

Emirates, the international airline based in Dubai, are set to launch their most adventurous advertising campaign yet, to be beamed to billions of people across the world.

Airlines clash with other tourism businesses over ad campaign

Airlines are battling hotels, theme parks, rental-car companies and other travel businesses over a plan to make many overseas visitors pay $10 each to bankroll a national advertising campaign.