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2009 – the year for positive action

As well as addressing the challenges that a deteriorating world economy will bring to the travel and tourism industry, the key message in the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer is that times of cris

Like Action and Adventure? Travel to Scotland

If the typical tourist experience bores you to tears and you can't take yet another bus tour, adventure travel just might be for you.

Venice goes to war with boorish tourists

Venice is stepping up a campaign against badly behaved tourists in an effort to reduce friction between its residents and the 20 million people who visit the city each year.

Warning: Disturbing content

According to Amazon Tour’s owner Phil Marsteller, he has searched the words “child sex tourism” on Google. What he found has disturbed him.

YTB faces legal action in California for illegal pyramid scheme

In a move that will be welcomed by many professional travel agents, California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. has sued YourTravelBiz.com for operating a gigantic pyramid scheme.

Investment bank calls for Congressional action on airline re-regulation

A prominent investment bank with strong ties to the aerospace and airline industry is calling on Congress to increase regulation of the U.S.