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UN: Human rights defenders continue to be threatened around the world

Human rights defenders continue to be harassed, attacked, killed and ‘disappeared’ around the world more than a decade after the adoption of an international declaration meant to protect them, a U

UN: Counter-terrorism must never be used as excuse to curb human...

The fight against terrorism must never be used as a pretext for abusing basic human rights or silencing the opposition, as has happened in many professedly democratic countries over the past decade, a

Sovereignty cannot stop intervention agains rights abuses

Sovereignty can no longer be used as excuse by States to oppress their own people or prevent the international community to intervene to stop gross abuses of human rights, Belgium and Italy said at th

UN: Human rights violations escalate across Middle East

United Nations human rights officials today voiced deep concern about the situation in Syria, Bahrain and Yemen, where rights violations have escalated as governments respond to ongoing protests for g

UK cracks down on “health tourism” abuses

Foreigners who abuse the NHS by coming to the UK for treatment as "health tourists" then leaving without paying the costs are to be banned from returning to Britain.