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Ukrainian President expands rights of Ukrainians abroad

KYIV, Ukraine - The recently amended law (signed by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on March 3, 2012) on the legal status of Ukrainians abroad considerably broadens the scope of rights of such p

Catering to affluent Chinese shopping abroad

Analysts now know that the best place to learn about Chinese ultra-rich consumers is not the mainland.

US travel abroad declined in 2010

The overall U.S. outbound market totaled 60.3 million in 2010, down two percent compared to 2009.

1200 stranded abroad as UK travel firm Sun4U collapses

British tour operator Sun4U has collapsed, leaving approximately 1,200 customers stuck abroad.

5 medical procedures worth a trip abroad

The solution to a faulty heart or bad back may be to skip town.

Italy’s government and travelers looking for cheaper holidays abroad

ITALY (eTN) - "While recording a 1.3 percent decrease in June to overnight stays over the same period of 2009, the first half of 2010 marks an index of zero growth, confirming the status of a crisis i

Thousands of British tourists may be stranded abroad until late May

As many as 50,000 British travellers remain stranded abroad this weekend because of the volcanic ash crisis, some being told they face delays of up to a month before they can return home.

More Americans traveling abroad

The US outbound non-stop air market in January 2010 was 3 percent higher than the same time the year prior.

Fewer US travelers fly abroad in 2009

Initial figures released by the US Department of Commerce indicates that US international travel was down by 3 percent in 2009 from the year prior, posting a total of 38.7 million passengers.

Cape Town Tourism manages the perception of the Mother City abroad

Cape Town Tourism has partnered with three international public relations agencies to proactively represent the Mother City abroad.

French minister under fire for gay sex tourism

PARIS - French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand faced calls for his resignation on Wednesday over a 2005 autobiography in which he wrote about paying "young boys" for sex during trips abroad.

Avoiding exorbitant phone bills on foreign trips

When it comes to "gotcha" fees, the cell-phone industry makes travel companies look like rank amateurs.

Drunk and peeing on a statue – must be a British...

The reputation of Britons abroad suffered yet another setback this week, when 19-year-old Thomas Strong was expelled from Turkey for exposing himself and shouting obscenities at a statue of the nation

To tip or not to tip?

A hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, 7pm.

Tourists have to try to combat the ‘ugly American’

When travel author Beth Whitman was in Vietnam, she witnessed a group of young American male travelers rough-housing in the streets outside of the Rex Hotel.

Have illness, will travel

Medical tourism is one of the hottest topics in health care as patients around the world are increasingly traveling abroad for treatment.

Work abroad: Twelve jobs that keep you on the road

If you want to work your way around the world, there are plenty of not-so-serious gigs to keep you from going broke.

US dollar worth more for Americans traveling abroad

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Today's financial news in the United States has seen better days - stock markets closing at record lows, housing values dropping, education costs on the rise.

Use common sense precautions aboard

You're off on a long-dreamed-of vacation, a cruise to the sunny Caribbean. You're on a big cruise liner with a couple thousand other passengers.

More Indian tourists head abroad

With growing disposable incomes, more Indians are travelling abroad for leisure or business, and Asian countries are the most sought-after destinations, according to Nielsen India Outbound Travel Moni

AAA warns motorists traveling abroad to avoid online driver license scams

WASHINGTON, DC (August 7, 2008) - AAA is urging US residents who plan to drive while traveling abroad to avoid purchasing fraudulent International Driving Permits (IDP), especially over the Internet.

Tuck-shop tourists are on the rise

A fifth of British holidaymakers pack familiar food into their suitcase, such as baked beans, cornflakes, soup and even tea bags, to avoid getting an upset stomach when they go abroad.

Tourists warned against foreign exchange fees

Bad decisions on overseas spending could leave up to four million Britons £180m out of pocket this Easter, according to price-comparison site Moneysupermarket.The average tourist spends more than £500 when on holiday, and can easily be hit with extortionate foreign exchange fees and transaction charges, research suggests.