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Czech tourists abducted from Pakistan shifted to Afghanistan by Taliban

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Two female Czech tourists who were abducted from Chagai Balochistan Pakistan have been shifted to Afghanistan by Taliban, confirmed the Czech Foreign Ministry.

Attacks on tourists in Kenya leaves one British visitor dead and...

(eTN) - An attack on tourists occurred in the Kenya Kiwayu Safari Village, which comprises 18 beach cottages and is popular with local expatriates, as well as tourists seeking solitude and the privacy

Seven Estonian cyclists abducted in Lebanon freed

Seven Estonian cyclists abducted in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley in March were released today, the United Nations envoy for the country said, adding that they were in good health.

Two US tourists abducted in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - About 14 heavily armed men believed to be Abu Sayyaf militants abducted two US tourists, a 50-year-old woman and her son, while they were visiting their relatives on an island

Islamic militants abduct Italian tourist in Algeria

ALGIERS, Algeria – Suspected Islamic militants abducted an Italian tourist in Algeria's remote southern desert, state media reported Friday.

Mexican authorities still searching for missing tourists

Mexico City, Mexico - Mexican authorities are still searching for 20 missing men who were reportedly abducted by gunmen while looking for a place to stay in the resort town of Acapulco, state media re

Two American tourists abducted in Yemen

HAYMA, Yemen — Gunmen kidnapped two American tourists and their driver in Yemen on Monday and demanded the release of a jailed tribesman, security officials said.

Mali says Tuareg rebels abduct group of tourists

BAMAKO - Tuareg rebels in eastern Mali abducted a group of European tourists on Thursday, a senior Malian military officer said.