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Tourists feel cheated when Taj Mahal fails to don blue hue

Scores of foreign tourists felt cheated when the Taj Mahal did not don a blue hue on Sunday evening, as projected by managers of a diabetes awareness campaign.

Preserving the past for the future of tourism in India

(eTN) - Thanks to the relative calm and increasingly improving security measures across tourist hotspots, India posted a record number of arrivals of 5.58 million last year with a growth rate of 9.3 o

Hundreds of tourists kicked out of Taj Mahal

Hundreds of tourists were forced to vacate Taj Mahal on Saturday as ministers from over 30 least developed countries (LDCs) of Africa and Asia Pacific region were coming to the monument for a visit.

No Taj Mahal freebies for Commonwealth Games tourists

While Taj Mahal entry fees is compulsory for regular tourist, athletes and officials of the ongoing Commonwealth Games, will have to buy entrance tickets too, to see the grand white mausoleum built

Will a replica of India’s Taj Mahal in Bangladesh also draw...

Tourists from around the world can now opt for which Taj Mahal to visit: the original in India, or its replica in Bangladesh.

Tourism under siege in Bangkok and Mumbai

Terrorists in Mumbai and political activists in Thailand have both made it clear that if there is a sure way to publicize a cause--target tourists or tourism.

Woman tourist dies at the Taj Mahal

Agra - A woman tourist from Indore died after she slipped and fell on the marbled surface of the Taj Mahal after the city was hit by rain and thundershowers. Hasina Bano Chaudhary lost her balance and fell from the main marble structure Saturday.