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Cyprus: Soon home of an Israeli port for Gaza?

Israel is treading a fine line between balancing the needs of Gazans with its own need to contain Hamas- and trading dead soldiers at...

TAT supports Visa in trying new ways to increase revenue

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has confirmed its continuous support to Visa for the three existing collaborative campaigns and another new initiative that are set to take place from November

Breathing in deadly sodium cyanide, a danger for hotel guests in Tianjin?

A high-speed train, an ultra-modern airport, five-star hotels for business and leisure travelers from around the globe include American hotel groups The Ritz Carlton, The Westin Hotel, or the Renaissa

London’s Stansted Airport evacuated after shuttle bus goes up in flames

A shuttle bus that went up in flames forced the partial evacuation of a terminal at London's Stansted Airport in Essex. Authorities at Stansted...

ICTP President Lipman writes to his new friend Ivanka Trump about women Curators and...

Ivanka Trump is the "first daughter" in the United States of America. Her father, US President Donald Trump has been a controversial figure when...
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