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3 killed, 600 injured in horrific Pretoria train collision

At least three people have been confirmed dead and over 600 were injured in a horrifying Tuesday collision involving two passenger trains in Pretoria,...

Aviation hub in Nairobi or Addis Ababa? Kenya Airways is taken the initiative

Competing with Addis Ababa, Nairobi wants to become a regional aviation hub in East Africa. This became clear when SkyTeam Member Kenya Airways is now competing with Star Alliance Member Ethiopian Airlines to make Nairobi the prime regional center of aviation in the region.

Angolan reforms set to boost Tourism and Hospitality Industry

“Higher oil prices and sounder policies under President Joao Lourenco should bring greater stability to Africa’s second largest crude exporter, strengthening the country’s institutions and attracting foreign investment that will spur economic growth and contribute to the diversification of the economy, including sectors such as tourism and hospitality.”

Rebuilding a destination for a solid sustainable tomorrow

The term “sustainability” is a frequently (over)used term these days. Like many words that rise from real meaning to become rhetoric, the term has...
Hurricane Lane

Hurricane Lane update: Honolulu Mayor cautions tourists, airline wait lists spike

Hurricane Lane is projected to either pass close to or make a direct hit to the Hawaiian islands this week.
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