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Category: Mauritius travel news

Mauritius Travel & Tourism News for visitors. Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox. Capital Port Louis has sites such as the Champs de Mars horse track, Eureka plantation house and 18th-century Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Mauritius Places 5 in Quarantine

mm Alain St.Ange- January 30, 2020

The world is reacting to the coronavirus outbreak. Mauritius is being proactive in its drive to protect Mauritius and its ... Read More

Cyclone warning class II is in force in Mauritius

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- January 24, 2020

Visitors and the public in Mauritius is advised to maintain all preliminary precautions and a cyclone warning class 2 is ... Read More

Vanilla Island Tourism started 2020 with challenges

mm Alain St.Ange- January 5, 2020

The Vanilla Island Region is tourism cooperation between Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion Island, Seychelles The recent shark attack that ... Read More

Cyclones on attack in Fiji, Tonga and Mauritius

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- December 30, 2019

Cyclones are on the attack in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. One person was killed in Fiji and one ... Read More

ATB welcomes Georges Pierre Lesjongard: New Minister of Tourism Mauritius

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- November 27, 2019

Georges Pierre Lesjongard, also known as Joe Lesjongard has been sworn in as the new minister of Tourism of Mauritius ... Read More

Top 10 advantages of hiring a car with Pingouin Car Rental in Mauritius

editor editor- November 15, 2019

Overview Pingouin Car Rental is a local car rental company located at Level 0, Car Rental Booth, Counter No.9, SSR ... Read More

African Tourism Board applauds IATA address to the African Airline Association

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- November 11, 2019

“Across the African continent, the promise and potential of aviation is rich. Already it supports USD 55.8 billion in economic ... Read More

Omarjee Aviation with Alitalia in Mauritius

mm Alain St.Ange- October 31, 2019

Omarjee Aviation of Mauritius is on record saying "Welcome back Alitalia! We look forward welcoming you on board during this ... Read More

Pope Francis travels to Mauritius, Mozambique and Madagascar

mm Alain St.Ange- September 9, 2019

The Catholic Pope Francis' three-nation tour started in Mozambique and will end in the island of Mauritius. The last pope ... Read More

Mauritius: Island paradise opens up to East Africa with daily direct flights from Nairobi

mm Chief Assignment Editor- August 14, 2019

Mauritius is firmly established as a favored destination for South African travelers, and now the Indian Ocean island is attracting ... Read More

Air Seychelles launches new Airbus A320neo

mm Alain St.Ange- August 12, 2019

The arrival of a second Airbus A320neo aircraft for Air Seychelles in February or March next year will greatly improve ... Read More

Air Seychelles goes tit for tat with Air Mauritius

mm Alain St.Ange- June 12, 2019

As soon as Air Mauritius confirmed it would begin flights between the Mauritius capital of Port Louis and Mahe in ... Read More

Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa expands horizon for African Tourism Board

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- May 22, 2019

The Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa (PMAESA) with members in 9 African Countries joined the African Tourism ... Read More

Driving intra-African connectivity and cooperation through Alliance and partnership

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- May 17, 2019

The African Tourism Board is currently working hard to build partnerships within the aviation industry. "Seeing Africa as one destination ... Read More

Mauritius Minister of Tourism on the China Challenge

mm Alain St.Ange- May 9, 2019

Anil Gayan, Minister of Tourism on Wednesday, delivered this speech on what he called the “China challenge.” It was during ... Read More

Air Mauritius takes delivery of its first Airbus A330neo jet

mm Chief Assignment Editor- April 18, 2019

Mauritius has taken delivery of its first A330-900, on lease from ALC during a ceremony held in Toulouse. The National ... Read More

Air Mauritius confirms it will resume flights to Seychelles after 15 years

mm Alain St.Ange- April 17, 2019

The Mauritian press has confirmed that Air Mauritius will return to Mahé the main island of Seychelles. It was several ... Read More

Driving in the 10 most-visited cities in Mauritius

editor editor- April 12, 2019

While there are many ways to get around Mauritius, car rentals remain a popular option. From visits to quant villages ... Read More

Renewed losses for Air Mauritius pose major threat

mm Alain St.Ange- February 26, 2019

Compared to the previous financial year, when the airline showed a profit of over 10 million euros, the fortunes of ... Read More

Mauritius – Mozambique developing tourism partnership

mm Alain St.Ange- February 5, 2019

The signature of an MOU in the field of tourism was signed last week between the Tourism Ministers of Mauritius ... Read More

Mauritius Victoria urban terminal to be completed in 6 months

mm Alain St.Ange- January 21, 2019

The Mauritius’ Victoria Bus Station, Victoria Urban Terminal, will be re-engineered into a key multimodal complex in July this year. Read More

Mauritius braces for Tropical Cyclone Cilida

editor editor- December 21, 2018

Tropical Cycolone Cilida has intensified and the country’s local Meteorological Office has issued a class 2 cyclone warning as of ... Read More

Vanilla Islands Pro-Am Tour 2018 set for Mauritius

mm Alain St.Ange- November 26, 2018

If you were to close your eyes and think of the best places in the world to play golf, you ... Read More

Seychelles Tourism Board partnered with Air Seychelles on joint destination training and sales call

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- November 21, 2018

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) collaborated with the country’s national airline, Air Seychelles, on a joint destination training workshop and ... Read More

Mauritius Festival International Kreol 2018 launched

mm Alain St.Ange- November 18, 2018

Mauritius tourism celebrates the  "Festival International Kreol 2017" opening. The festival was opened by Minister Anil Gayan, the Minister of ... Read More

Vanilla Islands serving the African Tourism Board

editor editor- November 1, 2018

The African Tourism Board (ATB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Pascal Viroleau, CEO of the Vanilla Islands Organization, ... Read More

Search for oil to begin in popular tourist destinations: Seychelles and Mauritius

mm Alain St.Ange- October 22, 2018

The Mascarene Plateau, situated to the southeast of the Seychelles Exclusive Economic Zone is jointly managed by Seychelles and Mauritius. ... Read More

Thousands turn out for Outbound Travel Fair of Mauritius

mm Alain St.Ange- October 8, 2018

Mauritius staged its Outbound Travel Fair last weekend and thousands turned up to benefit from the discounted packages that were ... Read More

Veling Aviation of the Indian Ocean making inroads

mm Alain St.Ange- October 8, 2018

Veling Group is now a leading name in aviation in the Indian Ocean. The Chairman and MD hails from Africa ... Read More

Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion at Salon IFTM Top Resa Paris

mm Alain St.Ange- September 30, 2018

The 40th edition of Salon IFTM Top Resa of Paris - France is held annually at Pte de Versailles . ... Read More

Mauritius Tourism Figures up 8.3%

mm Alain St.Ange- September 17, 2018

Mauritius Tourism continues to be consolidated with latest figures issued confirm positive growth for the island's tourism industry. Tourist arrivals ... Read More

British Indian Ocean Territory: Was Mauritius strong armed by UK and USA?

mm Alain St.Ange- September 9, 2018

The British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) is a British overseas territory of the United Kingdom situated in the Indian Ocean halfway between Tanzania and Indonesia. Mauritius wants control over ... Read More

Mauritius and Seychelles Tourism Ministers exchange ideas

mm Alain St.Ange- September 9, 2018

The Mauritius Minister of Tourism Anil Gayan was on a working visit in Seychelles last week and held discussions with ... Read More

Marketing Mauritius as affordable luxury

Anil Mathur - eTN India Anil Mathur - eTN India- August 31, 2018

Mauritius, being marketed as an affordable luxury destination, is targeting 120,000 tourists from India by 2020, up from the 86,000 ... Read More

Mauritius Tourism Ministry expects 5% growth in visitors arrival

mm Alain St.Ange- August 26, 2018

Mauritius is attracting more and more tourists and a growth of 5% is now expected announces the Minister of Tourism ... Read More

LUX* Resorts & Hotels: Best sustainable practices

editor editor- August 23, 2018

Eight audited LUX* properties have secured the Green Globe status. LUX* Resorts & Hotels does business sustainably and in style. Read More