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Comoros travel & tourism news for visitors. The Comoros is a volcanic archipelago off Africa’s east coast, in the warm Indian Ocean waters of the Mozambique Channel. The nation state’s largest island, Grande Comore (Ngazidja) is ringed by beaches and old lava from active Mt. Karthala volcano. Around the port and medina in the capital, Moroni, are carved doors and a white colonnaded mosque, the Ancienne Mosquée du Vendredi, recalling the islands’ Arab heritage.

How did poverty-stricken Comoros raise $4 billion to fund tourism?

editor editor- December 4, 2019

The country of Comoros is comprised of 3 islands: Ngazidja, Mwali, and Ndzouani. According to The World Bank, about 45 ... Read More

Comores and Mozambique in dire need of assistance after deadly Cyclone Kenneth

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 27, 2019

Cyclone Kenneth raged Mozambique and the Indian Ocean Island Country Comoros today. Tourists took shelter at Comores airport and Ibo Fort ... Read More

Vanilla Islands serving the African Tourism Board

editor editor- November 1, 2018

The African Tourism Board (ATB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Pascal Viroleau, CEO of the Vanilla Islands Organization, ... Read More

New Airline Karthala Airways takes off

Dmytro Makarov Dmytro Makarov- July 30, 2018

The Comoros government is aiming to establish a national carrier by the name of Karthala Airways with technical assistance by ... Read More

Seychelles refuses Turkish Airlines to accept passengers to Comoros

Alain St.Ange Alain St.Ange- June 25, 2018

Flying nonstop on Turkish Airlines between the Seychelles and Moroni in Comoros would be a wonderful addition to connectivity in between ... Read More

Looking at the African Tourism Board with members in 26 countries

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- May 16, 2018

The African Tourism Board is a public-private partnership with one strong message. This message is to tell the world that Africa ... Read More

Turkish Airlines: Istanbul – Seychelles- Comoros

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- May 7, 2018

After Mauritius and Madagascar with their all-cargo flights, Turkish Airlines opens Moroni in Comoros from 18 June. The Turkish Company ... Read More

Comoros Tourism by Night: Live concert, nightclubbing and karaoke, storytelling, folkloric dancing, and a giant barbecue

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 16, 2018

Vicee President Djaffar AHMED SAID HASSNI of Comoros also holds the tourism portfolio for his island nation. Since assuming office, ... Read More

Comoros welcomes the Clinton Foundation & the Mauritius Minister of Tourism

Dmytro Makarov Dmytro Makarov- February 12, 2018

Comoros Vice President Djaffar Ahmed Said Hassni, who also has the responsibility for tourism, has welcomed Members of the Clinton ... Read More

Comoros tourism re-energized

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- October 15, 2017

The Vice President of the Comoros Djaffar Ahmed Said Hassani who is also responsible for Tourism in the Comores has ... Read More