eTN Honest Travel Awards

eTN Honest Travel Award

To be awarded the eTN Honest Travel Award, it’s all about a personal experience and a special moment on your trip. It does not necessarily mean expensive or luxurious – it means so much more. This moment, and this award, is not for sale.

Unlike many other travel and tourism awards, there is no nomination or marketing fee. To receive the eTN Honest Travel Award, you don’t have to be an advertiser and you don’t have to invite a journalist on a fam trip.

eTN Honest Travel Award inclusion is absolutely free and awarded in recognition of first-hand feedback and nomination by the eTN Publisher, staff, or an eTN reader.


A cappuccino maker in the room, an airline amenity kit that includes deodorant, a destination that is ideal for hot-air balloon trips, a convention center concerned about the environment. What is important to you when you travel?

Today, a 5-star rating is generally equated with luxury. Of course, luxury travel products are included, but basing awards only on luxury travel products? How honest is that?

They say in life it’s the simple things. And it is likely those simple memorable things that makes a traveler return over and over again to the same airline, the same hotel, the same restaurant, the same little shop, or the same destination.

“Achievements are something that a destination needs to earn – honestly – in ways that truly mean something to travelers,” said eTurboNews Publisher Juergen T. Steinmetz.

We know that a traveler’s needs, wants, and desires are all about personal perception. And this award is not about rating how “luxurious” something is; it is more about rating how much something is appreciated or is different.

Also it’s important that an entity responds to feedback and how honest they are about their product. And this is what has spawned the idea for the eTN Honest Travel Awards.

How does it work?

We are encouraging readers to send us feedback and submit nominations to the eTN Honest Travel Award. It can be done online simply by going to

Your nomination should be based on a first-hand observation. Self nominations are acceptable, but they also have to be based on feedback received by a guest or visitor. eTN will confirm such feedback.

eTN Honest Travel Award is for a superb experience and response.

We welcome our readers – and anyone else for that matter – to tell us their stories about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the stupendous – just make sure it’s honest.

It’s about celebrating travel and tourism – and awarding those that make it more fun! Welcome to the eTN Honest Travel Award.

eTN Honest Travel Award entries are always good for one year.

Click here to make a nomination for the eTN Honest Travel Award.