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Author: Alain St.Ange

mmAlain St Ange has been working in the tourism business since 2009. He was appointed as the Director of Marketing for Seychelles by President and Minister of Tourism James Michel. He was appointed as the Director of Marketing for Seychelles by President and Minister of Tourism James Michel. After one year of After one year of service, he was promoted to the position of CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board. In 2012 the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands regional Organization was formed and St Ange was appointed as the first president of the organization. In a 2012 cabinet re-shuffle, St Ange was appointed as Minister of Tourism and Culture which he resigned on 28 December 2016 in order to pursue a candidacy as Secretary General of the World Tourism Organisation. At the UNWTO General Assembly in Chengdu in China, a person who was being sought after for the “Speakers Circuit” for tourism and sustainable development was Alain St.Ange. St.Ange is the former Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine who left office in December last year to run for the position of Secretary General of the UNWTO. When his candidature or document of endorsement was withdrawn by his country just a day before the elections in Madrid, Alain St.Ange showed his greatness as a speaker when he addressed the UNWTO gathering with grace, passion, and style. His moving speech was recorded as the one on the best marking speeches at this UN international body. African countries often remember his Uganda address for the East Africa Tourism Platform when he was a guest of honor. As former Tourism Minister, St.Ange was a regular and popular speaker and was often seen addressing forums and conferences on behalf of his country. His ability to speak ‘off the cuff’ was always seen as a rare ability. He often said he speaks from the heart. In Seychelles he is remembered for a marking address at the official opening of the island’s Carnaval International de Victoria when he reiterated the words of John Lennon famous song… ” you may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. One day you will all join us and the world will be better as one”. The world press contingent gathered in Seychelles on the day ran with the words by St.Ange which made headlines everywhere. St.Ange delivered the keynote address for the “Tourism & Business Conference in Canada” Seychelles is a good example for sustainable tourism. This is therefore not surprising to see Alain St.Ange being sought after as a speaker on the international circuit. Member of Travelmarketingnetwork.

Vanilla Island Tourism started 2020 with challenges

mm Alain St.Ange- January 5, 2020

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Alain St. Ange New Year Message for One Seychelles

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Air France names newest Airbus A350

mm Alain St.Ange- December 12, 2019

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Air Madagascar suspending flights to Johannesburg

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Air Seychelles confirms delivery of 2nd A320neo aircraft

mm Alain St.Ange- December 11, 2019

The new generation aircraft which forms part of the airlines plan to refresh its fleet, will generate unbeatable efficiency, lowest ... Read More

Reunion and Seychelles: Tourism cooperation

mm Alain St.Ange- December 5, 2019

Azzedine Bouali, President of the Réunion Tourism Federation, was leading a delegation for a 2-day working visit to Seychelles last ... Read More

Air Seychelles links with Israel with nonstop flight

mm Alain St.Ange- December 5, 2019

Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles, welcomed its first non-stop flight from Tel Aviv, linking Israel ... Read More

Brit who helped build Seychelles International Airport returns 48 years later

mm Alain St.Ange- November 21, 2019

A British citizen who in 1971 oversaw the completion of Seychelles International Airport has realized his dream of revisiting the ... Read More

Air Austral: Return of the Dreamliner in the colors of the lagoon

mm Alain St.Ange- November 20, 2019

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Zanzibar welcomes over 500 Russian tourists on inaugural commercial B747 flight

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Omarjee Aviation with Alitalia in Mauritius

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UAE and China capital airports working together

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A newly-signed agreement between Abu Dhabi Airports and Beijing Daxing International Airport, will see the two sides share best practices ... Read More

Ethiopian Airlines back on track to Athens

mm Alain St.Ange- October 31, 2019

Ethiopian Airlines has finalized preparations to resume flight to Athens, Greece, effective December 13, 2019. The resumption of the service ... Read More

Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation collaborates under Pristine Seychelles campaign

mm Alain St.Ange- October 30, 2019

The Seychelles Department of Tourism (represented by Principal Secretary Anne Lafortune, seen right in photo) has signed a Memorandum of ... Read More

Which African country is Dubai Tourism applauding?

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Qantas Airways: On board for close to a day

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Kenya Convention Bureau names new chief

mm Alain St.Ange- October 9, 2019

The newly-created Kenya Convention Bureau announced that Mrs. Jacinta Nzioka has been appointed as its new director. Previously, Jacinta served ... Read More

Air Tanzania gets 2 Airbus A220-

mm Alain St.Ange- September 24, 2019

Air Tanzania will get two additional Airbus A220-300 aircraft, due for delivery in either late 2020 or early 2021, according ... Read More

Air Seychelles announces new Mauritius-Mumbai schedule

mm Alain St.Ange- September 23, 2019

Air Seychelles has announced that the national airline will commence to serve the Mauritius and Mumbai route on Mondays effective ... Read More

Seychelles bags next UN World Tourism Organization CAF meeting

mm Alain St.Ange- September 23, 2019

The beautiful island of the Republic of Seychelles has been confirmed as the country to host the 63rd Commission for ... Read More

Tourism challenges: Self-imposed, external factors, or both?

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Everything that can be touched as shown in the article image from ATB has a direct link with tourism. For ... Read More

African Sports Tourism Week Ghana 2019 gathers momentum

mm Alain St.Ange- September 10, 2019

Tourism is the crossing of borders for an experience. Sports Tourism is one such activity bringing so many to cross ... Read More

Pope Francis travels to Mauritius, Mozambique and Madagascar

mm Alain St.Ange- September 9, 2019

The Catholic Pope Francis' three-nation tour started in Mozambique and will end in the island of Mauritius. The last pope ... Read More

Air France flying back to Seychelles on October 31

mm Alain St.Ange- September 9, 2019

News from Paris has confirmed that Air France is restarting its non-stop direct flights to Seychelles commencing October 31. After ... Read More

Air Seychelles launches new Airbus A320neo

mm Alain St.Ange- August 12, 2019

The arrival of a second Airbus A320neo aircraft for Air Seychelles in February or March next year will greatly improve ... Read More

Air Seychelles and Seychelles Tourism join hands in South Africa

mm Alain St.Ange- June 19, 2019

Air Seychelles together with the support of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) have participated in the 17th edition of South ... Read More

Zanzibar Tourism brings Spice Island theme to Kampala

mm Alain St.Ange- June 19, 2019

Javed Jafferji, a very well-known photographer, hospitality operator and active tourism marketer based in Zanzibar, has taken a roadshow to ... Read More

Air Seychelles goes tit for tat with Air Mauritius

mm Alain St.Ange- June 12, 2019

As soon as Air Mauritius confirmed it would begin flights between the Mauritius capital of Port Louis and Mahe in ... Read More

AFRAA and IATA share common aviation vision

mm Alain St.Ange- June 12, 2019

AFRAA and IATA share a common vision – the development of a safe, secure and sustainable aviation industry in Africa ... Read More

African Tourism Board to become the Voice for Africa: Interview on Good Morning Seychelles

mm Alain St.Ange- June 11, 2019

Talking Tourism, the African Tourism Board was the talking points on the Seychelles Television "Good Morning Seychelles' (Bonzour Sesel) program ... Read More

World Travel Awards 2019: Complete list of winners for Africa & the Indian Ocean

mm Alain St.Ange- June 4, 2019

The World Travel Awards took place in Mauritius. Businesses from all over Africa were competing to be the best of ... Read More

Uganda equator:  One of the most well-known tourist landmarks in the country

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The Uganda equator is one of the most well-known tourist landmarks in Uganda. The intersection of the Earth’s surface with ... Read More

Maritime security the Seychelles way

mm Alain St.Ange- May 25, 2019

Africa’s smallest nation is setting a standard for safe sustainable seas through the prosecution of pirates, international maritime cooperation, and ... Read More

One Country, One People, One Seychelles: Tourism but no militarization

mm Alain St.Ange- May 22, 2019

This presentation is about Seychelles, the people, our hopes and our dreams.  It is from the people and for the ... Read More

Which island nation consumes the most champagne in Africa?

mm Alain St.Ange- May 15, 2019

Drinking champagne is a must in several events organised by tourism establishments in Seychelles. The festive mood that the sea ... Read More

Seychelles Domestic terminal opens newly-completed drop-off

mm Alain St.Ange- May 15, 2019

After a virtually totally-rebuilt Domestic Terminal at Seychelles International Airport, the facility has removed the work barricades and the new ... Read More