NEW DELHI: The MCD is considering a proposal to introduce horse-drawn luxury carriages for tourists in the walled city areas of the national capital after gradually phasing out the tongas.

The ‘victorias’, as they are known in Mumbai, could be used for point-to-point sightseeing in late night hours.

“It will be a mode of transport to attract tourists,” MCD Standing Committee Chairman Vijender Gupta said.

The proposal also envisages gradual phasing out of tongas which add to traffic congestion in the walled city areas. “The existing tonga-wallahs can be given the license for operating luxury horse-drawn carriages as part of their rehabilitation,” he said.

Tonga is one of the oldest modes of transport in the city but their number has decreased considerably as they are not commercially viable, he said. “Plying luxury carriages will bring them more income,” Gupta added.

In Mumbai, victoria rides from Chowpatty to Marine Drive are a major tourist attraction.