Tourism this week in Latin America

ARGENTINA Lufthansa increases frequencies between Buenos Aires-Frankfurt

Tourism this week in Latin America

Lufthansa increases frequencies between Buenos Aires-Frankfurt
Beginning October 30, Lufthansa will add a sixth frequency to its flights between Buenos Aires and Frankfurt, representing a 20% increase in its offer. Approximately one year ago, the management of the German airline scheduled direct flights between both cities for the first time.

Cruise season begins in Ushuaia
Approximately 120,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to arrive at Ushuaia aboard cruise ships during the second season 2008-2009, which was inaugurated today in the port of Ushuaia. The season will begin with the arrival of the Mare Australis, the Chilean company which also operates the Via Australis ship. The ships that arrive in Ushuaia every year are divided into 2 groups: those that carry out Antarctic tourism and those that go around the Southern Cone, going from Brasil in the south, along the Pacific to Ecuador, and then returning.

VAT to be refunded to foreign tourists
Next summer, the government of Uruguay will implement a tax refund for foreign tourists and discounts for Uruguayan tourists in order to promote sales during the summer season. The program will include discounts of 9 VAT points for hotel and restaurant purchases and for car rentals made with credit cards, although the “tax free” system will only include foreign tourists, the Minister of Tourism explained.

TAM to fly with A-340 to Milan
TAM announced that as of November, they will fly the Sao Paulo-Milan-Sao Paulo route exclusively with A-340 aircraft, after having operated the route since August with a Boeing 767. The transition up to November will be gradual – beginning September 19 they will fly with 767 or A-330 aircraft, and as of October, with A-340.

TAM signs contract for mobile communications aboard
TAM Linhas Aereas will be the first airline in the Americas to offer onboard mobile phone service on its Airbus A320s, to be provided by OnAir -a joint venture of Airbus and Sita-. A trail-blazing partnership signed with the company will enable TAM passengers to use their cell phones and smartphones in flight — for voice, SMS messaging or emails — on South American routes. The system is expected to begin working in the second half of 2009. The startup of operations will depend on approval by the National Agency of Civil Aviation (Anac — Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil) and the National Agency of Telecommunications (Anatel — Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes), as well as the adjustment of legislation that only authorizes cell phone use when the aircraft is on the ground and the doors are open.

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American Airlines to fly to 3 new destinations in November
In November, American Airlines will add three new Brazilian destinations to its network of routes: Salvador, Recife and Belo Horizonte. The flights will depart from its hub in Miami. On November 2nd, daily flights will begin to Salvador and Recife, while flights to Belo Horizonte will begin three times a week on the 4th.

Air France-KLM to extend frequency of flights to 5 per week
Air France-KLM announced yesterday that as of December 1st it will increase the number of weekly flights between Amsterdam and Panama from three to five.

Underground passage discovered in Chavin de Huantar
In a plaza of the archaeological complex of Chavin, an underground passage where offerings were made was discovered. Three weeks ago, it was discovered that the circular plaza did not have an even surface, and on one of the sides an opening was discovered that connected to an underground path which measures 2 by 3 meters and has a stairway made up of five stone steps that descends down to a depth of 2 meters. The path connects to the Mosna river and is approximately 400 meters long. A large amount of broken ceremonial ceramics have been discovered, as well as animal and human remains and a small sampling of metals.

Travel Mart Latin America in Quito
Last week “Travel Mart Latin America” ended in Quito with the participation of more than 850 touristic businesspeople from all over the world. The organizers estimated that during the fair approximately US$ 40 million in foreign currency was generated for the country for the next 15 months.

Continental Airlines opens Bogota-Houston flight
Faced with the crisis caused by the increase in fuel costs, the North American airline will close 15 destinations, among them the Cali-Houston route. However, the company arranged to open a direct flight from the Colombian capital to the United States.

Cruise ship passengers to pay taxes
Cruise ship passengers arriving at Mexican ports will begin paying the US$ 5 tax beginning on October 1st. This tax will be paid to the municipalities which receive cruise ships, who will receive 90 percent of the income, while the remaining 10 percent will go to the National Institute of Migration.

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