Tour Asia Group launched in Bangkok


For the first time in the travel history in Asia, and probably in the world as well, as many as 11 countries have come forward together to form – TOUR ASIA GROUP (TAG).

The objective of TAG is to promote each other’s business in their own home countries as well as in the global market, with the aim being to double the volume of business in the next year. TAG partners are all well-established travel companies in their own home countries.

TAG had its first launch board meeting at Ramada hotel in Bangkok on une 19, 2009 with a vision to create Asia’s largest tour network. TAG partners are represented by the leading tour operators from the following countries:

Thailand – Thai Sky Travel group
Bhutan – Special Holidays Travel Pvt, Ltd.
Cambodia – Sky Cambodia Travel
India – Special Holidays Travel Pvt, Ltd.
Indonesia – R.K. Travel & Group of Companies
Malaysia – Paradise Travel
Maldives – Inner Maldives Holidays Pvt, Ltd.
Nepal – Special Holidays Travel Pvt, Ltd.
Philippines – Shroff International Travel Care, Inc.
Sri Lanka – Crystal Holidays Pvt, Ltd.
Vietnam – Vie Travel

The TAG board was able to formulate, plan, and unanimously conclude the economic benefits that each TAG country member will gain through formation of TAG. This includes increase in sales and promotions, as well as sales through TAG brochures, online & offline promotions, special FAM trips for the media and travel industry at large.

Specialized tour packages, hotels, car rentals, cruises, airline bookings, and other tourism products with some exclusive features will be offered and launched to the global travel market in due course. TAG is also launching a new concept of country-combined Asia package tours to the worldwide market under one TAG umbrella.

Future marketing efforts will be done to set up alliances, increase TAG members, and set up overseas offices.